original voice

4.12.2003 Kanpur 

You see, when you will feel, think or imagine negative thoughts, so that vibrations will go from your mind and they will create negativity around you.

This has also an effect on your work. Because it is a thought and thoughts have very strong vibrations. For each negative thought you have to pay.  

Just think positive it does not cost anything. Why should I t think negative?

But we have this habit that we first think negative. Or we suffer from such thoughts: If this will be or not be? 

You should always think positive and you will be contented.

If you think negative and the same doesn't happen, then you torture yourself all the time for nothing. People always tend to the negative side.

You see in general women are much more negative because they are much more sensitive, sentimental and more emotional. So due to emotions woman go, if they are not very strong, immediately to the negative side in comparison to males.

I have seen girls who became nervous at the time of examination. They were so intelligent, and when their results came they were top in the whole university. 


If you see the male students who are well prepared on the other hand, they behave quite normally as if that was nothing. I have seen this.

So this I have seen very often that good male students have no fear, no phobia of the examination. But the girls with the same level of knowledge they became very nervous. And when the results came they were top. You may say anything but nervousness will be there. 

Same evening Maheshji told us: I just heard in the news that two girls committed suicide because of fear of their examination.

All these things can be conquered if you change the thinking process. 

An example: We think for a while that there is no fate although fate is there. For a few moments you think, there is no destiny. But this notion, this thought of destiny gives you confidence, a safe feeling so as if you had your insurance. Security by fate is in the unconscious mind of the Indians. Fate will protect me. If fate protects me I will be protected. I have to do nothing. God will protect me.

So this thin layer, this film, this level, this thought line is in the unconscious mind. 

If you look at that from all sides you will see that the Hindu culture of India (Sanatan culture) is complete in all aspects.

I think it is enough if you think positive, finished. You have to pay nothing. Train your mind! This positive thinking will always please you and promote you. It satisfies you and you will feel better.

Negative thoughts are always dangerous and injurious. And this negativity will never be good for you. This is bad for you. And this creates always negative impulses so that impulses will disturb the whole atmosphere.  

That is very important. People don't know this. They don't know how to think, just imagine. And they have such and such high degree, and they don't know how to think, how to behave with their wife and their children. They are famous. No.

They are intelligent and they think that they will have a super ego. This is nonsense.

There is a question: If from now on we think positive what shall we do with our past thoughts? 

Mahesh says: Past has gone. 

Lord Buddha told strongly to all:  

"Past has gone. Future is unknown. You have to deal with the present moment only, this is yours." 

It is absolutely idiotic to think about the past and the future.

Concerning this I will give you the example of an Indian Saint. He used to make one Roti (a flat, an Indian bread) and ate it and then he made the second Roti and ate it and so on. Somebody asked him why do you not make all 4 - 5 Rotis and then eat them? Then he said: “Who knows whether I will be here next moment or not.” Though he knew but he wanted to give this message. This is not a negative thought. This is the message so that you can use the present fully.

Live in the present! 

My master used to say: 

"Live here and now." 

This is his sentence. Swami Rama said: "Live here and now." 

Therefore I forget the time when I speak because I am here. 


Somebody asks a question: If I follow the instructions of the master and if a negative thought comes what should I do? 

Mahesh says: This is your habit. By self dialogues you have to change this. Once you know the future is uncertain: You think something but the result is something else. If you look back on your life you will understand this. You believe this will happen but it does not happen.  

So you have to talk to yourself.

Be positive and sleep deeply.

If you are negative depression will follow. When depression is there you can't sleep, you cannot work properly and the power of your body is reduced. Then everything is disturbed, insecurity and fear spread out.  

Either you think positive, change the subject or think something else. If the negative thoughts are very strong you do some jogging.  

Sing just like Theo so that the police come.

The police officer asked: "What are you doing here"? 

"I sing."

"Then you go on singing." 

This is my therapy. I don't want to become depressive therefore I sing.  

You can also laugh. You must protect yourself from the negative thoughts.  

But you can do also the lion posture (an Asana). Haaa, Haaa, Haaa.  

Otherwise this thought will kill you. That is a killer thought, a silent killer. This thought will poison your body. 

Look at the strength of your body when you are positive.  

When you are negative your body strength will becomes very low. Why? The body will be poisoned.

You see women have much more tumour cases than male: Tumour in the uterus, tumour in the breast, tumour in different parts of the body. Thoughts also play a part in that.

My master has proved this. He created a tumour by thoughts and dissolved it. This was confirmed by biopsy. He had shown how a negative thought was working. 


The next question: “Is it enough if I say, I will not get cancer?” 

Mahesh says: This thought is again negative. Again you are thinking negative. That is a negative thought. When I will do this I will not get that? Why do you think of cancer? Why? Why do you think this? If I do this I will not suffer with cancer why are you thinking so?


It was already examined experimentally that the vibrations of the thoughts are very strong before they come into the speech organs. When you speak the vibration becomes weak. This was examined scientifically in the present. But the Indian Saints have known for endless times. Therefore they informed us how the sound should be repeated. I explained this to you so many times.


The next question is: In Yog, we say: Practices in the mind have a very strong effect. 

Mahesh says: I give you a very strong example which no one in the world can deny.

Look at these judo and karate-experts. They break planks and ice blocks by hand. What is that?  

That is not the power of the hand. It is the strength of the thought that is behind it. A pure thought only gives such strength to the hand. The thought creates this power. Here is no physical action. The karate fighter thinks only and this body part becomes very strong like iron. What is this? That is only a thought. He thinks and the hand becomes strong. This is only possible if they are prepared for it. Suddenly they can't do this. He must prepare the power by his thought. That is the power of the thoughts. If you speak the strength is scattered and loses the intensity. If you are thinking the thought is coming out like a bullet.  

You see if you think of someone you love that thought goes like a bullet, straight. And the other person will feel this. He will remember you.  

Swami Rama called me on the level of the thoughts from Nepal and I had to go to Nepal. And we both were talking on the thought level. “Perhaps you will send one more person?” And one more student of Swami Rama came to Nepal. It was a very important festival in India, Holi. Normally I should be at the important holiday at home. But I was in Nepal. And Swami Rama was telling that somebody will come from Kanpur. And the people said to Him, Baba today is Holi. Who will come on such a high holiday? Then, he said: Look there Mahesh is coming. Swami Rama said: If Mahesh would not have come I would have stopped speaking. Mahesh wept happily on the feet of his master. After that Swami Rama left Nepal. He never went there again. So there was something what he wanted to give me there. I think. Why he did he call me? I think that he wanted to give me some power, something. Nobody knows about Him. He could send a telephone message. You send Mahesh. But no he called me on the level of the thoughts.