31.10.2004 Wolgast

The negative thoughts of my patients are a burden for me.How can I avoid that?

Maheshji says look! Whenever a negative thought comes it is like an enemy. When an enemy turns up you are warned you will fight. Just like that these kinds of thoughts are enemies. You don’t accept them.

You have to work this out in the internal dialogue. You have nothing to do with that. You don’t act like this.

Just imagine you will not recover.

But when you think I will recover anyway than no force in the world can stop you. Then you will automatically recover.

Look that is most important medicine.

Your negative thoughts will destroy your own medicine that God has given to you. You have to keep up your positive thinking in this world.


It is up to you, you have the power to fight against it. You have nothing to do with that.

When this thought comes fight.

If you think like this you can fight alone against the whole world. There was such a man his name was Hitler. What kind of force is that? Every human being has this power.

When you are afraid your entire power will be lost. When it is your aim to do that you will have immense power.

  1. Find your aim.
  2. Have faith!

We have several examples who right thinking changes daily live, who people get power.


A young woman had great fear and she recovered entirely without any medicine only with Maheshji`s advice. Maheshji told her only what to do, to think the way.

Mahesh only told her what to do, to sort out her thoughts correctly.

Thought come from outside. If you accept them they will say and disturb you.

If you don’t accept an idea who can he disturb you? You have to reject it.

She understands.


Maheshji says, you have to practice that then you will see that you have immense power to fight against all that.

I had so many diseases. I am Heart patient. I have a hernia. My lungs are totally destroyed this I got from my mother. My left vocal cord is 100 % paralyzed by too much speaking, sometimes 7 – 8 hours without interruption.

In the medical world there is no treatment for this disease. I can only talk through the deep faith I have in my Master. No doctor can help me. No doctor can explain why I am able to talk.

No doctor can explain why he can run 30 miles, with his heart failure and his lunge this is impossible. No doctor will believe this. This is not possible with that heart and those lungs. What is that?

That is courage. This damage is on my body but not on my soul. But I am soul and not body. I am immortal. That is the way you have to think.

They can destroy my house not me.

I became emotional excuse me.