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A mother complains about loneliness again and again when her children are not there.  

Maheshji says: Divine Mother has given her time for prayer.

Loneliness is a gift for her.

The more she does for others the more she improves. She has this time in order to do more Yog practices because that is necessary.  


Silence and loneliness are not good for two kinds of people:

1. For depressive people and for such people who think negative.

2. For alcoholics and for people who have a psychosis and for people who are mentally sick.

For these people loneliness is bad.  

But loneliness is a gift for all who practice renunciation, for each human being who is serious. It is a gift for everyone who has no doubt (in God).

Tell her this and give her the whole explanation.  

Everyone should know this entire explanation because in your country depression and alcoholism are widely spread. When those people are alone, the evil will start immediately.

There are not so many cases in India; here people believe in God. They are not so materialistic.