Somebody slipped into severe depression.

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He says that he cannot solve his problems at the moment. This makes him nervous. He has no big problems, trouble with tradesman. These people start some work and they don't finish their work, this makes him restless.   

I tell Maheshji that both partners live in separate apartments.

 Mahesh says that is very unfavourable. 

Tell him that he should understand the role of fate that is unknown for us. Whatever problems with construction are there this all belongs to his previous lifetimes. Due to this fate in every life the events are different.

You see, Bill Gates was top person of the whole world. But now there is another person who is top. Now there is some other person. This is fate at certain times certain disturbances occur. 

Your present life time and your own previous deeds belong together.But God has given spiritual power to human being only.You have 10 - 20 percent in your fate at your free disposal. You can fight with your fate. 

You can do that and you will get support. But you should have strong will and zeal to fight with time and fate. So you have to see at which time these obstacles occur. They should not discourage you. You must have your goal and courage to fight against them. You should not surrender before these obstacles.

If anything is happening after all your efforts it means unknown hands of the fate are acting.

You see at the time when fate was with Hitler he was conquering and when fate turned against him he lost everything.   

The person should have strong courage. As much as you will be able to understand these subtle events of fate you will not be discouraged.   

So in spite of all these events you should feel independent.   

Self counselling and your dialog should always be positive.   

If somebody is not able to think in such a situation then he can ask me. I will let you know how to take that problem.You see in the case of a young woman with a lot of stress at work I have given counselling.

Don’t worry every problem make sense if the person uses his intellect blended with contentment. 

Contentment is the most important Niyama which you have to observe.

People don't know how to apply contentment how and where contentment may be applied. But this is important in the school of Yog. This is important for all human beings.