Maheshji gives the following advice to a woman in melancholy mood:

“Joy, laughter, smile is the boon, nectar which is given to human beings only.

That should be the duty of a human being to maintain, whether he is in such a state of mind where smile is difficult, but he should feel that this is a dream.

And try to conquer that monotonous moment which occurred. By the strong will one can conquer and crush it and clean it from your heart and mind.

Move forward for better smile, peaceful moment with confidence it will happen.”

(Maheshji recites one Urdu poem.)

“I’m explaining the meaning of this poetry.

Jato means “only”, devana means who is, you can say, “mad”. Mad not in that sense, who is very strong, whom you can say mad, but not in that sense.

All to whom God gives the power to smile, otherwise who can laugh in this sorrowful life.

So once there is a will, there is a way. So the giver of this smile is already in your hearts. You know the secret.

This long speech words, golden words, golden speech I have given because I several times in my “net” I have seen her in a melancholy mood.”