16. 04 2004

original voice

Mahesh says: Thoughts are very important. If somebody has depression or he thinks negative the whole body chemistry is spoilt. If you are positive, energetic, full of zeal, you enhance your physical and mental power instantly.  

If quick response is needed the adrenal glens become active and they do miracles. The body is a miraculous instrument it depends on how you command, how you handle it. 

Swami Rama has proved it. He used to create tumours on his arm and then he denied them in his thoughts. (If you give no attention to a tumour, you deny it, it will die.)  

A thought is energy. 

Negative thoughts give negative energy.  

Positive thoughts give positive energy.  

If the thought is peaceful you will get peace.  

So you will have to understand the power of thoughts.

The power of thoughts is command and energy acts accordingly.

We have to understand that our body behaves according to our thoughts and emotions.

Emotions are more powerful than thoughts.  

When a person is emotional he can be full of tears, he can shiver. When he has no fear he will get extra energy due only to emotions.