Pre-exam anxiety

Wolgast 31.10.2004

A young woman has to make her pharmacy exam in March next year and is afraid that she might not pass it.

Maheshji says, look no matter what you study, chemistry, physics, mathematics, politics or anything el else, God has given you the power to select.

If you are afraid not to be successful you are not able to use your own power.

You have free choice.

You chose it and you have to work on it. You have to learn without any fear and work on it. You have to study but without fear.


She asks: How can I do it?

Maheshji says: Yes, because you wrongly forced yourself to think that your father told you to do it. You did not choose music. You have to find out why you chose that subject.

The disturbance comes from your own mind that is important.


Did you choose the subject or did your father or someone else force you? No, than you have to do that with joy.


She asks I doubt if that’s the right choice.

Maheshji says, no, no, it is the right choice.

It is a simple question: Did you choose the subject or your father or mother? Who forced you?


She asks: How can I loose my fear?

If this is your own thought you need not be afraid. This thought comes from your past lifetime. This fear is not from this lifetime.

Someone chooses sports, music, physics, mathematics, why? Someone starts engineering, why?

This desire comes from past lifetime. You have to fulfil it. You have to finish it.

Otherwise this will become a complex and you take this complex to your next lifetime and your present live is incomplete. You have to do it and you have that power.

You are afraid because of your unbalanced thinking.

  1. You have the power!
  2. You are competent!
  3. This fear is wrong!

This fear is not you it is a thought from outside.

If you accept that wrong thought it will disturb you. If you don’t accept it you will be powerful.

You have to think you are competent.

  1. This thought is from your past lifetime. You have lost the connection to yourself.
  2. I know that you are strong enough to do that.

This thought of fear disturbs you. Concentrate on your subject and you will be successful.


And for your kind information:

This matter belongs to the Creator.

The creator is a chemistry teacher, Maheshji laughs. How “He” started innumerable activities with only one energy.

To become a human being everybody has to pass 8,4 million species (incarnations). This process was started by only one energy.

And now you are a human being and you have fear, what is that?

You should be proud that you are so advanced!

With the blessings of Master you will be successful. Master has given you the chance to do something on this subject.

You have endless power!

If you follow this advice your entire body chemistry will be fine and you can do it easily, just imagine.

You should be proud!

You will study pharmacy.

Fear is only a thought from outside. Fear is not your own thought.

Whenever fear comes you shall say that you are competent.

There is nothing missing in you head. Your head is totally OK.


Talk to your fear in this way.

You are competent!

Your have the power to master this subject.

You have chosen it and you will finish it. OK?

She says: Yes, OK:


Another young woman is also afraid of her exam.

She asks because she is afraid of her Gymanistic exam next year.

Maheshji says: You learn, you prepare yourself and the result is not in your hands. The result is in God’s hands.

If you will pass the exam, good.

If you will not pass the exam it is much better.

When you come to India and you ask this question than I will answer it in detail.

In short I tell will you:

If you are successful you will get involved in this materialistic word.

If you are not successful you will come nearer to God and you will get blessings.

Now tell me what is better to have success or to come nearer to God?

I ask you, you have o decide.

The thing is:

No success brings you to God. Success takes you into this materialistic word.

One takes you to God; the other takes you away from Him.

What is better success or no success?

You don’t know how to handle it.

You have to clarify what is better success or no success?

She says no success is better.

Mahesh says:

Always be positive!

You have to pray and to tell God all your wishes.

Like a father who has 5 suns. One wants land, one wants money, one wants music everyone wants something else.

Father acts accordingly. One goes to this school, the other goes to that school---.

If you will ask this question in India I shall answer in all details.


She is happy and thankful and she will come to India.

Maheshji says: OK, you are most welcome.