Don't worry at all.


Mahesh asks: Do you worry? Yes, she does.

Mahesh says: 

If you worry, you must do the internal dialogue and do self-hypnosis. To worry continuously and to think about the problem is no solution.  

You have to realise that most people normally do not think about it.  

When the worry comes you have to realise immediately:

That is no solution.   

These worries weaken you.  

If you analyse your life can, so many problems occur in life and after some time the problems were solved by themselves. Time will come and you get relief and help from somewhere and the problem is solved.  

You only have to wait. 

So as if somebody came and he wants the money you borrowed from him earlier. You say, please come again in one month I will pay you. 

That is the same with this type of worries; you can behave as if you had nothing to do with it.  

Tell your worries: Go away!  

These worries come because of your destiny. Fate brings worries and fate also shows solutions. You have to be patient and wait for the right moment.  

Your worries come and the truth behind it is:

If in your last lifetime you gave worries to your close relatives or to your girlfriend then you have to worry also in your next lifetime. 

The Indian Saints know about all this. Worries come, come, come, but if you are patient and if you act according to what I said the worries will not be able to harm you at all.  

When the worries come you have to work with your mind, do self-hypnosis or leave it to the mantra.   

When these thoughts occur, do deep breathing and concentrate on the Shushumna - point.

When inhaling feel the cooler air in your nostrils and when exhaling feel the warmer air. While doing this hold the concentration in your Shushumna - point.

With every breath you take you should feel that you inhale cosmic peace and exhale all your worries.

You should alternatively do this or hand it over to the mantra. 

Before falling asleep, you should be aware of your breath and you should fall asleep with the Guru Mantra.

And you will see that you will sleep well. And when you get up in the morning and the mantra is still there that is a very good sign.  

You shouldn't eat 4 hours before sleeping. 

Before you go to sleep you should do sandalwood oil on the Ajna Chakra (that is the point between the eyebrows) and on the crown of your head.