She and her husband suddenly lost their jobs and she asked: What shall we do now?

Maheshji says this is a prediction. I am not allowed to make predictions.

Even then for your kind information this all comes under destiny. Destiny arranges everything. You should not be scared. Be patient and have faith in God.

This all is totally connected to the external world and in a German jail each and very prisoner gets food. It is the duty of the jailer and it is the duty of divinity to look after you.


She understands but she asks herself, did I make a mistake in my work and by that I lost my job?

Maheshji says: No, no, this is destiny, when you get a job, how log, and when you will get another job, this all comes under destiny.

Have patience and faith in God. And look for another job.

She is happy, she is weeping.

You should not disbelieve in divinity. Divinity is always looking after you.

Life is full of blessings, pain and agony.

So this is all punishment, sometime reward sometime not.

So you leave all these problems behind you, leave that pain and go from mortality to immortality.

Yog takes you to the real object of live for which the body has been given.

You are lucky that you got these secret words. 99 % of the human beings in the world do not know the object of human life. (the destiny of human life.)

She understands everything, she is happy.

Maheshji says, thank you.