Mahesh talks about the meaning of the Mantra,and he explains the Deeksha Mantra. 

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20.10.2003 Rota Spain

Mahesh says: I would like to repeat something about the gravity and importance of the mantras.  

For everyone who does spiritual practices a mantra is very important.   

There are so many mantras but the effect is connected to the faith. The effect of the mantra furthermore depends on the respect and the reverence to the Master. The effect depends on the faith in the mantra, on the faith in the divine power.  

If someone repeats the mantra like a parrot without respect and without reverence even then an effect of the sound will be there.   

As much effect as you have so much you will get.  

If you are really interested to have a mantra you must prepare yourself mentally by heart and by soul.   

Have faith, respect and reverence towards these pious words.   

If you ignore these words you will not get anything because these words have the power to change any person physically, mentally and spiritually. This means that the total personality will become different. 

Different means: A human being who is doing this mantra with respect and reverence will be able to use this human structure for the real purpose of his life and he can reach the goal of his life.   

Normally the education which you might get from childhood on is completely worldly and materialistic. You become older and older that means whatever you read during your whole life which education you got this education is not competent enough to attain the real object of life.   

You should clearly understand the real aim in life for what God has given this abnormal instrument to human being only. By this you can realise, attain and become the same as He. You can become the same.

With this equipment you can attain truth and you can become the truth.  

This requires continuous practice without thinking what I will get. With patience, hope, respect and reverence to the master you should do this regularly. 


As instruction: Now you will get the information how you can do, how you can repeat this mantra.  

This mantra can be repeated while doing work, no matter where you work, no matter where you move. Whenever one have time, spare time you should enchant this pious mantra.  

And what you thing is very important: 

While doing mantra you should also feel the meaning of the mantra which is most important. 

This way you will get the total power and the whole mind is involved in in chanting the mantra.  

You can eat, drink and talk and even then the mind is thinking something else. Here the mind must be connected with the meaning of the mantra.   

The mind is one but people think that the mind can do two things at the same time. This is not true. The mind is so fast that it can talk and think. You are talking and thinking even if the mind is doing something else.  

Once you repeat the mantra and feel the meaning this way the total attention will be upon the mantra. If the entire concentration is on the mantra the spiritual practitioner will get much more results, quicker results.   

The sound means I surrender everything to God.  

I hand myself over to God and all I have: Money, property, everything. I hand over anything I have, physically, mentally and spiritually to Him, your materialistic belongings whatever it is.   

This means total surrender to God. This thought is important.   

Now your money, your property, all belongs to God. What you are doing from now on you should feel this is divine order. You are not acting because you are servant and not master.You act like a servant would do; he follows his master’s voice, his master’s command.You should feel exactly like this.   

If you think by heart and soul like this, you will do not anything without acting yourself.This means that you will not face the results of the deeds whatever you have done, whether good or bad because you are not the doer. 

This is called Karma Yog.  

If you always repeat the mantra, this is called Jappa Yog. 

If you always repeat this thought, you also make Nishkam Karma Yog.   

You do this but you feel that you are not the doer. The Lord is the doer, so you will not be responsible for your deeds whether they are good or bad. 

These are the Lords words, words of God.  

But the feeling should be deep, absolute and perfect. The deeper the feeling you will get results accordingly.   

Why are you away from Divinity, from God because our deeds are between God and us, the results of our actions good or bad whatever it is?   

If they are good we enjoy life. If they are bad we are suffering in life.  

If you serve the master only then there will be no result of you action which you have to face. This means there will be no distance between you and Divinity.   

If anybody will enchant this mantra he will achieve "Divinity".  

This way you are doing two important Tapas - practices (Tapas is when you give up something which is difficult for you to do) 

  1. Jappa Yog and 
  2. Nishkam Karma Yog.

These are actions which are not giving results.

Nobody can live without deeds. But this is the way you can escape from the results of your deeds very beautifully, easily and safely but your consciousness should be perfect.

You have surrendered everything, body, mind, soul and materialistic belongings. Now you are a slave, a servant. Whatever the Lord says you will do. You are servant and the results will be with God not with you.  

As if there was one big concern in which one thousand people are working. The ultimate result is profit or loss. So the workers are responsible neither for profit nor for loss. The master is responsible.   

It is the same when your thoughts, your consciousness, your awareness and your thinking is clear while enchanting the mantra. You will get results accordingly as I explained. You will be able to escape from your deeds, this way the doer is God not you. God will be the doer and he has to face the fruits of actions. This way I do not act.   

So if you don’t act the results will be in the account of illusion, Maya. Because the result is false (there is no result, it is illusion). Maya is false.   

God is real and you are real. 

The curtain of results of actions will not be there.

If you look at the world religions you will find this thought of Jappa and repetition of the mantra.   

In Christianity the Mantras are called Locks. The Christians also use the rosary. Each and every religion has something similar.  

But nobody will let you know the secret of this which I have explained. You will not get this secret in any book. I have given the deepest effect of this system which is nowhere explained.   

The status and power of Mantra Yog is abnormal.   

Whatever I have given is little enough. But I have given this explanation that you are able to understand the gravity of mantra. Because in your country they don't know the power of sound, how sound can change the situation.   

I give one example how sound works.  

When your husband suddenly says something bad to you, you will immediately be angry. The total body gets exited, the blood pressure goes up. If these words are full of love and compassion you will become peaceful and you will be happy. Your total mind becomes quiet and calm. For all these things sound is responsible.   

And if you will enchant this pious sound with full faith, with reverence and respect, imagine your soul will become blissful. Your inner peace will increase; it will become more and more. The clouds of your bad deeds and your bad thoughts will clear up with this sound. And your sparkling soul, enlightened soul, glittering soul will turn up. Your inner darkness will go away. Then you are able to think, to see and to do right what you cannot see in the dark. If little light comes you can see, you can walk and you can move properly. Without inner spiritual light you can not really think what is good or bad, what you should do and what you should not do.   

Normally people are involved in their own greed, fear, anger and  personal interests and they think accordingly. That is darkness.   

Someone who walks in the dark cannot see his destination. Therefore most people choose the wrong direction.  

God sends Saints to this world in order to bring light, notion, to give thoughts so that people will know the real path. But the destiny admits the real path only to few people. You are lucky that you have chosen the real path of this human life. God gave us this human life for this cause only.   

This life is not given to kill the bulls (in Spain they do bullfighting) and to shoot birds (in Spain they also shoot birds).   

Most people marry and live like animals: Food, sleep and sex. Your total physical structure is different from all species, from all living beings in this earth. It means there must be some different object for the human beings other than food, sleep and sex.   

That fourth dimension is: Follow the path of truth.  

This is the fourth dimension of life. No other species can attain this except human beings.   

Now if you have a question concerning this you please ask.

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