original voice

23. 08.2003

How you can observe your own progress by comparison.

Maheshji says that we shall not tell the Yog - students that they should expect any miracles.

They should practice with patience.

Everyone will make progress but sometimes it takes time. The progress is different with each human being. Somebody may get success soon, somebody may get success late and another one may get success very late. You cannot compare people to each other and the physical situation is not the most important thing. As long as your inner view doesn't change you cannot improve yourself. As long as your outlook regarding human being and regarding living and non-living does not change, as long as you have the same greed and the same fear it means there is no improvement.

You have to observe your thoughts. As long as the same greed is there, it means nothing has changed. If an alteration takes place this means that the inner voice became louder. Then all these allurements, fear, hatred slowly become weak. You will realise this. You will say to yourself, why should l do harm to others for personal benefit.

You will feel this typical change. You will notice a strong change of your normal thoughts; in your normal thinking this is important.

This way you can advance. You will realize your progress. Your inner dialogue will change. The contrary will turn up before you, normally you were greedy and now you ask yourself, why should I be greedy? I should not do this. When this thought rises in you this means the inner light becomes stronger. You will hesitate to do some action with greed by which others will suffer. An inner contradiction is created.

Previously you did not think this way. You always had the same greed; your actions were always explosive. There was no inner dialogue. When this change will happen you will realize that your normal thoughts and the inner thoughts will be different.

This way you can explain them. So you can watch and compare past and present. Everybody can do this.

Nobody knows how you can see if there is progress or not. This is a very important thought. By this technique you can observe this and you can see your own thoughts and how they are changing.

It may be that you do the same as before but before there was no such thought. This thought is against your natural thoughts and this is new. This new thought is against your natural thoughts.

The thought which analyzes the fear, hatred and enmity, will come, will arise. The voice is sometimes silent, sometimes very strong.

If this thought is rising in your heart, this means that the spiritual light is rising. Just like the sun rises on the horizon then there is no darkness. Even if only a tiny light is at the horizon even then you see it. You see the light coming. The inner light comes as well as the light on the horizon the same way the inner voice appears.

The person who is on this path should watch these changes. He will hesitate to do crime before he didn't have this hesitation. But if the slightest hesitation comes it means that the spiritual light is there.

Mahesh says this text shall go into the website so that everyone gets confidence when he notices this change.