What is the position of the Great Saints in God’s house? 

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I give you most important information: 

These Saints who are on the level of His Holiness (Swami Rama), they come for us. They come into this tortures world to the normal people who are suffering.

God asks them and then they come. They leave for us;you just see they take birth for the suffering people of this world.Normallythey need not suffer. This is important.

God asks them: “Would you like to go?

All are with us His Holiness, Christ, they all. They accept: I will go.

And they suffer with us so that we are able to understand liberation and we and so many people they disobey.

And even Christ has been killed.

Just imagine their blessings, their decisions and how cruel we human beings we common persons are. We don't understand their sacrifice which they have done for the common world.

We understand neither Christ nor Buddha nor so many Saints of this level of the whole world.