05.02.2005 Wolgast

She has the question:

When everything is fine in live I loose the aim of live, this craze for spiritual live is going down.

Maheshji says: No, not at all. You have to keep this keen desire with strong will to get that and maintain that fire throughout your live by doing something or not, but fire should be there. The keen desire should be there, strong will should be there. When you have time you have to think about this right path. The right path is to achieve that goal.

The world will continue, live will continue one after another. By spiritual practice you will conquer this coming and going to grave.


There are 3 stages which I want to reveal:

  1. First is coming and going. Means you are born and after death you go to a place that is called Pieta-Log and then you will come again = rebirth.
  2. Second is you have taken birth and you go to a place that is Mokash. From there you will not come back.
  3. Third stage is 5. Pursharth that is called Maduray. This is the highest goal which is called total enlightenment. That is the highest state. This is the highest object of live. There are several ways which have been defined as per Bhagavad Purana. This is called 5. Pursharth.


Maheshji is laughing: Yes, I was very deep. This is a very high philosophy. Yes.

She understands and she will go on practicing. 


Maheshji says: Marriage is not a mean, when you marry you can not go upon this higher path.

In India all who are doing higher spiritual practice are married.


No doubt, renunciation is better, but real renunciation is very seldom.

One of my students, he was given a job, he was getting very higher salary, his master told him to have renunciation. So in the class he has put up some question and required married voice. Then I have discussed and told then within 2 weeks he immediately has left the job and he left everything and has become Saint.

He has given all money to his mother and left. Now he is Saint.

Because I have seen his strong will and a fire in his eyes, spiritual fire, so I permitted. 

After 2 weeks he came to me and told: “I am going Sir” and he left.

So this is not for all. Not everybody has that fate.


So, one should not think that with husband and family one cannot achieve that highest goal, no this is wrong.

If anybody is telling I can’t, this is escape.

Then where is a will there a way. This is the truth.