24. 10. 2003

Mahesh says:

Most people practice only mechanically.

Just imagine they concentrate mainly on food. They direct their whole attention towards sleep, a wonderful bed, couch, on the atmosphere in the bedroom, the illumination, on a comfortable bedroom.

They direct their whole attention towards sex.

But they don't realize why they got this human life. Ninety-nine percent enjoy life of lower species.

We got this life to have compassion and love, not to fight and hate not to be greedy and jealous. 

If you love you will get peace. If you forgive, you will get peace and peace is highest, peace is a real blessing.  

If someone is peaceful he is always happy that means that bliss comes out of your soul every second. In the lives of Saints you can see this.

When Christ was crucified his face was totally peaceful. He forgave those who had tortured and crucified him. He prayed to God: Lord forgive them, they don't know what they are doing.

Just imagine a human being in highest agony.

By the thought of forgiveness he got inner peace.

He didn't feel any anger for them. That is non-violence that is compassion that is true love. That comes out of inner peace because Jesus did not have such a thought at all. No thought could disturb his inner peace.

Just imagine agony, tortures, misery, forgiveness and love those are the results of inner peace.

Maheshji blesses everyone that they may be able to follow the true path of life, the fourth dimension, the spiritual way.  

Maheshji says: Thank you.