Maduray is divine blessing or the fifth Pursharth    

01.12.03 Kanpur (introduction)  

Mahesh says: In my school books, I have always drawn the picture from Dr. Maya (my wife), with the earrings, as she still has them today. And I also knew the name, Maya. When a girl friend’s name was Maya, I was attracted by her name only. But then, an inner voice told me: "No, she is not the right person.” That is intuition.

I give you this personal example. The story is in front of you, so that you gain confidence on your spiritual way. These are no words that refer to ego. This way I only want to strengthen your faith and your confidence. That is no miracle. If you practice, you will get there.   

If you compare yourself to a Saint, like Swami Rama, you will stop practicing. You shall not stop your practice, you should go on practicing. 

You should go on practicing. You are in the right way. Like this you develop forgiveness, friendliness, devotion and compassion. You surrender to the highest divinity, just like Christ did.

I am not saying you should leave Christianity, no, why? There is absolutely no reason to do so.  

It is necessary that you heal yourself and that you clean your consciousness. The soul is pure. Nobody can clean his soul.   

It is wrong to say: "Clean your soul."   

You must clean your shape, your clothes, with love, sympathy, forgiveness, friendliness and non - violence and you must overcome your desires.  

You have to overcome this thought of collection.  

You shall not steal. If you stop your thought of collection, your heart will be clean automatically.  

When the heart has been cleaned God is happy, because God is there.  

Just imagine, you collect dirt, bad things and bad thoughts in God`s house. With every bad thought you bring dirtiness into God’s house.  

I am not saying you should practice something incredibly difficult. You should not practice for nine hours, as my master did, no, no. 

My master doesn't tell me that I should tell you such things. You should clean yourself only in a simple way.  

You should do what you can do without problems.   

This means that you do your work with another attitude. If a beautiful girl, a beautiful human being comes, see God in him.  

If you see Him in all of them, how much more beauty is that? You should not be attached to much to this person.  

If the person is so beautiful, how much more beautifully is God?  

That is a step of development. You don’t stop there. That doesn't mean if you see a beautiful girl, you go to her and say: "Let’s have a cup of tea together." I don't say this. Take this as a step. Nature is wonderful. See how wonderful nature is.  

And how much more beauty is in God! Realize his beauty! Don't get involved in the beauty of the objects of the world. Take this as a first step.  

Nobody has explained these simple things. I give you quite simple techniques, to clean your heart, to feel God's presence, to raise your mind in God's love. 

But always keep in mind; you won't discuss these things with people, who don't accept LIGHT. Otherwise they will create obstacles for you. They will give you wrong comments, and they will disturb you. 

If your heart is pure, you will have the power; you will only think, and the other will change himself, though you say nothing.    

It looks like this: He will come to you and he will say: "Please give me something that I will get peace. I am very much worried. And people will come automatically. Since my student time, people came to me, who where so much worried. Boys, young girls and women came for help and I gave them advice. And still I am giving advice to so many girls from the IIT (TU - Kanpur), when they are worried. Sometimes, I touch only their hair and I say: "Go, you are in OK."  

I can’t tell how Swami Rama took care of me.   

I give you quite simple techniques for the spiritual way only, and so you get higher, higher and higher every moment. If sugar is there, the ants will come.  

If incredibly big love is there, you will see how people will come in order to you to get peace. You need not say anything at all, their consciousness will tell them. They don't know, why they come, but they will come.  

This is a long way. There is the way of alcohol, the way of sex, the way of money, the way to have a good house, the way to become a politician, the way to become a high official. You can gain all this, but that’s not the aim of life.  

People used to ask: "How can I gain the aim in this life? What about this life? A mortal speaks. What about this life? What is on this day? Life is like one day. One next day with new clothes will come.  

The word death does not exist. In my diary, there is no such word. You must teach this the whole world. There is no death. If you have the thought of death, you can’t follow the spiritual way.   

You must get rid of this thought of death. That is the first task of the teacher. There is no death!  

Three things are important:  

1. God   

2. Your soul and   

3. Maya the illusion, the power of God, Maya and illusion are the same.    

Mahesh says an example what Maya means: "If government gives a command to the army, go there and do this work."   

This command is like energy.   

There is no other force. Creation works!  

In the SANATAN philosophy the name for creation is Prakriti.  

(The Sanatan philosophy is the historic forerunner of the Hindu philosophy and exists since primeval times.)  

Hindus are people, who live next to the Hindukusch. The name Hindu is of geographical origin.  

What is that, what works? All that works is called BINDHU!

BINDHU is that what is performed by command.  

If the king gives a command to the army to go and help the people, who suffered from catastrophe, they will do this, because the king said so. 

And then they will go and help the people of the earthquake or the flood victims. This way it works.  

This way God's power and Maya go together that’s illusion. If no command is there, Maya is finished, nothing is left. But soul is still there, as long as it is God’s will. Soul is called Purusha.  

According to His wish, we were made by Him and Maya was created.  

God was alone. He had no sister, no father and no brother. He thought:    

"I want to turn into many"!  

This way the creation was formed.  

Thoughts are power. So, the universe was made. How can your soul arise without God's thought?

An example: You make one million clay pots. In each pot is space. God is everywhere, just as water is everywhere in the oceans. If you put water in a clay pot and put the clay pot into the ocean, the clay pot is in the ocean and the water in the clay pot. If you break the clay pot, the water in the clay pot has turned into water of the ocean.

By only your spiritual practice, you cannot break the pot.  

Even "Maya“ cannot break the pot, as Maya follows His commands.   

Only love can break the pot, love, love.   

You can get near to God, but you can’t reach Him, if he doesn’t want to meet you.  

The highest state is Brahman. That means a state of mind like Brahman. But you will not turn into Brahman. You are very close to God, but there is still a thin curtain. If God takes away this curtain, then you are Him and you are ready, you arrived at your aim.   

The same picture:

"If you break the clay pot in the ocean, you are ocean."   

The Indian Saints say: "Why should I break the pot? Why should I not enjoy the beauty of God? Why should I not enjoy Him?  

That is the fifth PURSHARTH. About this I will talk tomorrow.  


The fifth PURSHARTH = "divine blessing" 

02.12.2003 Kanpur  

There are 5 PURSHARTHS:  

1. DARMA, speak: Darm,  

2. ARTHA, speak: Arth,  

3. KAMA, speak: Kam,  

4. MOKASH, speak: Moksch,  

5. MADURAY (divine blessing) of LORD KRISHNA. The highest power is divided into three parts: a) Brahm, b) Paratman. c) Bhagwan. If you want to name the form here, you can only say Lord Krishna. He was born 5.000 years ago for the first time. Therefore it is said in the Bhagavad Gita, these are God’s words. These words were not written by just anyone. These words are authorized by God himself! It is the first and last time that a spiritual book was written directly by God.  

Only in the Bhagavad Gita, it is said: "These are words of God." 

Normally, you find in the books of the Hindu philosophy only 4 PURSHARTHS. 

The fifth PURSHARTH is not declared. 

Here a true example: As Guru Nanak saw God's beauty, he called out his master`s name:

"Wak", in respect for his master. The Six use this "Wak" as mantra. There "Wak" is used as mantra. In reality however, it is not a mantra. That was his expression as he saw God's beauty, just imagine: "You see a beautiful human being, a beautiful boy, a beautiful child, a beautiful woman, a beautiful building, just as the Taj Mahal, then you will be amazed. If you see the Taj Mahal with full moon, it looks as if something had come from heaven and would not stay, as if it would leave again. When I saw the Taj Mahal for the first time at full moon, I was amazed! 

Have in mind, whatever beauty is in the whole universe, all this is the smallest part of this illusory world. One cannot imagine all this.

Maya cannot support the intellect up to that state that one can see God's beauty. Only God can give you that power, nobody else can do it. 

He gave this power to Arjuna only. God appeared before him as a warrior, not in His full beauty. He had shown him that the whole creation is moving in His body. 

I explain this to you in a simple way: There are pores in your skin, they allow the air exchange. Just imagine simultaneously the big body, the universe of God and the planets are moving. The whole creation is in His body and He is still beyond the creation. 

If you give yourself into the master’s hands, you should realize that you don't act. You should internalize this thought!  

You should think: "God gave this task to me, I am his servant and I do it. 

In order not to confuse you, I say a few words about the fifth PURSHARTH.

People are after luxury, enjoyments, joy and blessing. You can’t see blessing, but blessing is the real goal. That is what people long for from the bottom of their heart. They find this blessing nowhere else. You cannot find this blessing anywhere in the whole creation because no one can give this to you. 

The most inner part of your soul knows this. Your inner consciousness knows this. Whatever you give to the unconscious mind, it reacts according to it. 

For a few days, a few moments you enjoy this, and then you think again: This is nothing. And then again you look for the next beauty and you think for enjoyments, joy and luxury. And so life goes by. 

God explained this and informed us about it. Once the biggest hunger, that biggest thirst of a human being is nursed, why should I be content with something inferior?

MOKASH is also a place, where you must not be born-again. But you won't reach this state full of joy there, even if you will have no problems and sorrow. But this hunger for joy and blessing will not be fulfilled in Mokash. 

If there are 5 Pursharths, one should try MADURAY, this state of God, who is full of divine nectar and blessing, which is beyond the capacity of the human intellect.  

MADURAY is a state full of God's blessing. 

If one has reached MADURAY, the fifth state, then your quest for luck will be fulfilled and the soul will see God's form. You will not merge into God, but you will enjoy seeing God. 

Vedas say:

"You are born in order to enjoy God's grace." 

So, the fifth Pursharth is recommended to all, who want to quench the thirst for blessing and luck. 

You have to cross this state of Mokash. You must go to MADURAY, the fifth Pursharth. In Mokash, you won't become God. You will not enjoy that state though you are beyond birth and rebirth. But you will not enjoy the beauty and grace of God, which is the strongest wish of every creature.

Mahesh asks: Is that clearly or not? Have you any question, concerning the fifth Pursharth, because normally that is not described in books. 

There is a question: When I have reached Mokash, am I no longer on earth? 

Mahesh says: You just ignore Mokash. Look: You buy a ticket to Delhi (5. Pursharth), then, you drive till Delhi and don't get off before! And then you are there, OK? If you ask for a ticket to Delhi, that is the 5. Pursharth, MADURAY. How can you then get to Mokash? You simply go to the fifth state, because God gave you free choice.  

In this world as well as in the divine world you have free choice! That is your own world. The only difference is: Maduray belongs to you and this here (the world) does not belong to you. 

Therefore, after death you have to leave your body like a hotel. This world is like a hotel.  

God’s house is your true house.  

This here is not your true house. That is the truth. And there you have to pay nothing. This is your father's house, your own house. 

There is one thing about it:  

If you didn't reach MADURAY, you lose your identity.  

But once you have reached MADURAY, your identity will remain. Only then, you are able to enjoy the situation. How can you enjoy without identity? 

The fifth Pursharth will give you PEACE. The word PEACE is very important. Peace doesn't mean that there are no problems, no sound, no worries, no fear, no sorrow, no that is not peace. 

Peace is the highest state where you reach a point, in which nothing is needed. And without anything, you feel grace, total satisfaction, you have no wishes, you need nothing. You are surrounded by divine blessing only.  

If you think, that something should be explained about MADURAY, then you may ask, because this is described nowhere. 

There is the question: In order to reach this state, we have to give up our EGO?

Mahesh answers: Listen: 

Between God and you, the biggest obstacle is your own Ego: My! I! 

I give you a rough example: 

When two people love each other, and when they sit together, they simply forget the time, each other and everything. They only have eyes for each other. When you see the highest beauty, the most beautiful nectar, you cannot explain this. There are no words for it. Language cannot express this. There is no language which can express this happiness and this blessing. If you see this, you will forget everything. You cannot reach this state as long as you haven’t totally surrendered to God.

When ego and “I” are there a poet wrote the following poem: 

The path of love is so narrow that two people cannot walk side by side. 

You have to be totally without “I”. When “I” is gone, what will happen next? Then, you are there! You are already there, because you have created the “I”.  

Just as someone, who thinks about himself, simply has to change his point of view and must reflect about God. You simply have to turn into God's direction that is all. 

If "I" and "MY" is there, GOD is not there, because God is alone. 

Your consciousness should be completely innocent, just like a child's. A small child has no idea of “I”. 

There are so many ways to finish the ego, to destroy the ego, to give up the ego. 

The sense organs are also an obstacle. All sense organs take you into the materialistic world.

The power of MAN takes you into the materialistic world. This power moves according to your sense organs. When you have control over your sense organs and your MAN, then your intellect will follow. When you have crossed your intellect, then your ego follows. By knowing, you think to know God.  

But only God knows God. Nobody knows God. How is it possible to know God? 

With this false ego, you cannot reach absoluteness. You are always in a state of incompleteness. 

Only God is complete though we are part of him. 

By this I and mine you reduce your omnipotent power. 

You would like to become as mighty as the American President. He has to decide over the whole world. There can be no doubt about it. Nobody can face him. That is mighty. 

When you give up the thought of being mighty and give up your EGO completely, you finish it and then you are omnipotent! Omnipotent means immortal! 

If you are omnipotent, you will be immortal. 

If you become mighty, you have to die although you are immortal. 

There are so many ways. So many techniques were given to us by the Saints of our time for this purpose of this human life. 

Mahesh says: Put your questions to