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Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita:  

"If you follow the instructions of the master, you should not worry at all whether it is good or bad." 

01.11.2003 Wolgast 

There is a question: Here people say that this statement is misused by terrorists. That sentence was misused also by Hitler. They do bad things and tell the people that it is good and they say as well that it is God's will. Can we clarify that this mistake is not possible in our lectures?

Maheshji says listen:

  1. The master is a light.
  2. Master is pure intelligence.
  3. Master is pure bliss.
  4. Neither does he make mistakes nor will he give any wrong orders. 

If you say that Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita started a war against the Kauravas that is wrong. This question has developed out of their own lives. God was not ready to give the Kauravas even one more needle so badly they had behaved.

At first Lord Krishna had tried to make peaces, he asked the Kauravas to leave only 5 villages to the 5 Pandavas. Then there will be no war and they may live peacefully side by side. But the Kauravas refused and they declared war. In all world religions self-defence is allowed. If they had not fought they all would have been killed.

They deceived Arjuna; they betrayed him and killed his son while his wife was pregnant with him. They also tried to kill his wife. Lord Krishna protected her but the child in the mother's womb died. Each of the Pandavas had one son and all 5 sons were killed by a warrior of the Kauravas. After the Pandavas conquered the Kauravas they went into the deep forests of the high Himalayas in order to do spiritual practices. 

Just imagine what the cruel Kauravas would have done with the Pandavas if Arjuna had not fought. It was Arjuna´s duty to protect his life and the lives of his brothers because he was the leader. He was a general, he was a real master. Lord Krishna had given his knowledge of the truth to him. At first Arjuna achieved that knowledge. Listen properly first he achieved pure knowledge, pure intellect then he fought to fulfil the orders of Lord Krishna.  

Before he started the war he had surrendered totally into his master's hands.  

Lord Krishna said: 

"Come on to me I will liberate you from all the sins. Give up all religions you totally surrender to me".

(These are words of the Bhagavad Gita chapter 18.)  

From that moment on Arjuna did not have any right not to fight. He had to execute the Lord's orders; he had to obey the orders of his master. Before the war started Arjuna had accepted Lord Krishna as his master, not as a friend, not as relative.

In this case Arjuna did not act at all; he was following the Lord's orders.  

There is the following law: If any employer is working on behalf of his master, his organizer, and he makes a mistake, the organizer as per law will be responsible for the mistake of his servant. Arjuna had totally surrendered in God's hands, physically, mentally and spiritually. He has no other choice except to follow the orders.

The Lord said: You respect me in your heart and soul and you follow the orders this is called Shraddha. This is called absolute reverence to the master. The master never gives wrong advice.  

If anybody gives a wrong advice he is not a master. He is an ordinary human being covered with greed, personal interest and fear; he feels insecurity and has a disturbed mind and an incomplete intellect. His intellect is totally worldly, where there is no light. All human beings of the world and the masses of this world, they move, deal, work, just like one who moves in absolute darkness.  

The external light is not a real light. The external light is taking you towards illusion. It takes you to a false path. You look for the wrong object. Your aim is directed against the objects of the world.

I repeat once again:

After the war was finished all Pandavas fulfilled the real object of life as per orders of Lord Krishna. They left the country that they had conquered and went into the deep Himalayas for spiritual practices and they never came back. They left everything behind. They fulfilled their duty.

Now, what would you say? Can you say that they didn't perform their duty? Or did they follow the instructions? Or did they not follow the real object of life? What would you say? 

You cannot compare Mussolini and Hitler with the Pandavas and with Lord Krishna. 

I give you another example of a master, listen carefully.  

Alexander the Great conquered everything from Rome up to India. You cannot compare him to anybody. But he was a disciple of Aristotle. And before Alexander died he ordered that after his death his empty hands should be stretched out from the coffin so that whole world could see that Alexander is going from this world without taking anything, with empty hands. This is master's advice and master's light. Due to that Alexander realised his fault.  

Try to understand clearly. Due to his personal ego he killed so many people but light is light. Nothing is to compare with the Master's advice.

In his last moment Alexander realised his mistake. He had killed innumerable soldiers and had got nothing. He left this earth with empty hands. He thought, Oh! What did I get? Because at that moment master's light inflamed in him. And with this pure intelligence, with this pure intuition he realised the ultimate truth and he showed this to the whole world by giving this order. If you go through this action you will be able to understand the orders and the teaching of the master how they work unknowingly in your heart and soul.  

Did you understand this or is there another question? 

Maheshji says: I was not speaking, I was in meditation and my master was speaking. Master's voice, Theo, have you observed the voice. His Holiness was speaking. My master used to speak in this manner you know. Since this morning I constantly remember my master. I don't know why. From this morning on I remember my master. Oh this is Lord's voice, my master's voice. He was speaking not me, see my confidence in his voice.  

Is there any question? If you want you can ask. 

The question is: How can I recognize that God works in me and not my ego, my personal interest and not my intellect? 

Mahesh says: I am giving a very crude example. 

If your radio or your television is out of order it cannot catch the channel, the station. By spiritual practices and by mantra you clean your heart and you finish your ego. Until and unless your ego is there you cannot feel “Him”, you cannot feel God. In order to understand this you can read the book of my master: "Enlightenment without God". If you want to hear the voice of the master, if you want to hear the divine voice first you have to clean yourself.  

Though Christ was born with a completely pure soul and he knew that the light comes from heaven. Even then he has to take a master for his spiritual practices in order to purify his system.  

You see when you clean your body with soap, water, by so many fragrances, aromas; you feel much fresher and well. Mentally you will be clearer after a bath.


Altogether you have got 7 bodies and they become always finer up to the seed body. If you purify your system all bodies will become clean, all 7 bodies will have light.  

I am giving one more very clear example from the Lord Buddha. 

He has clearly asked from his disciples:  

"No questions! Follow the orders! Practice and you will get each and every answer."  

So to listen, to observe, to understand the voice of divinity and master the human being requires a clean heart. For that cleaning there are so many ways as you clean your teeth, body and your house. There are so many things, so many ways. Equally divinity has given different ways because every person has got a different intellect, different thinking. So God has given so many ways, whatever you like you can follow.  

The effect is one, the goal is one, God is one and the house is one. You have to get there. When you reach your real house then you will get real peace and all your questions, all your doubts will be finished like fire is extinguished by water. These worldly things cannot provide that peace and satisfaction.  


The next question is: We all are on the way and we don't have any clear vision.  

Maheshji says: I have been practicing for more than 40 years since I was 12 years old. And all the time I was in search of divinity. And since my childhood I used to talk to divinity as I talk to you. This was the confidence which I acquired in my last life.  

As you see you are in a big tunnel which is totally dark. You cannot get out of the tunnel until and unless there is light. You have not yet seen that light. That is not so easy because each an every soul has its past lives.

But you should be happy that you are living and were born under these circumstances. You have taken the best decision; this shows that in your last life definitively you have done some very good work. That's why divinity has given you this opportunity. Perhaps this was your keen desire of your last life. Because God has given this possibility to the human beings only therefore he gave them this human life. You want to become thief, you want to become warrior, you want to become king and you want to become a human being. Whatever you wish before you die your last wish before your death you will get according to your deeds. 

Mr. Bush wanted to become President of America. Can you imagine how much spiritual practice he has done in his last life? Now he is the most powerful human being on this earth. He spoilt his total spiritual achievements with a wrong choice.

This is a saying in the Indian Philosophy:

"By spiritual practice you get pleasure, you will be king and when you are king you commit mistakes by ego so you have to go to hell." 

So this is the right choice you should always think follow the desires for a spiritual life, for the purification of the own soul to know the truth and to become the truth because your real existence is the truth.  

I give one example: 

There is water everywhere in the world; you can say the water of this river, the water of the ocean, the water of this planet. Is that right or wrong? Somebody else may say that this is not sea water; he may say this is water from the Antarctica. You may say sea or ice, or water of rain, or water of this river, this lake; so due to ignorance we create boundaries.  

You create boundaries but have you seen any bird that creates boundaries? Birds don't create borders. Do they have pure knowledge or do you have pure knowledge? Compare yourselves to the birds. 

First there is spiritual practice. As much as you will do definitively the time will come when you will realise how much knowledge you got.   

Sometimes an ordinary man will get that awareness of future and present. He doesn't know how this happens. He didn't do anything for it. As you see Nostradamus due to spiritual power he has got this vision.

I give one example of India: 

The "Ramayana" has been written before the birth of Lord Ram. Valmiki wrote the Ramayana. He had foreseen the future that such a great personality will be born and he wrote down each and every event of the life of Lord Ram. He saw this like a film in the cinema just as it is done in a film. This all is pure knowledge. This is not pure intuition. 

At first you have to clean your mind then you will get clear vision.  

Do you have a question? There are no more questions. 

Mahesh says: I am also happy that my master has given these beautiful answers.