Original voice

from chapter 3 of the Bhagavad Gita 


Mahesh says: 

Action means that the intellect is involved in the action, non acting means Karma Yog. When you think that you do God's work then you are not acting. When you think I do it that is action. And then you also must take over the consequences of your action.  

When you do God's work then you are not acting. Then you do his work. 

I give you a very simple example:

Someone is employed in an organization. The organization says do this work. And he did it because he follows the orders of his superior. In this case he didn't act. The organization acts. Therefore the organization has to take over the consequences of the action as well. You follow the instructions of the organization and the organization is responsible.  

That is acting and not - acting.  

But in this situation you should not think that you are acting otherwise that is action. If you feel or if you think that you only do your duty then you don't act.  

This means when you follow instructions of someone else that is no action.  

He who gave the order always has the consequences of the action. You only have to think that you do nothing that you perform the tasks that God has given to you. Then you don't act. Then God is acting although the result looks exactly the same.

Mahesh repeats again and again that we are in God's service that we are not acting at all.  

We do only our duty and God is the master.

Whatever this is good or bad, you only follow his instructions. You were not acting you followed only his instructions. 

That is acting and not - acting.  

In Yog only that is difficult to understand. 

Theo says, that is so complicated and so simple.  

Maheshji says:

The truth is always simple.

People who explain this create turbulences because they don't understand this. They confuse you.

But here speaks "Divine Mother" and she knows this.  

Mahesh says: I am only a child. I cannot understand this. I only tell you what "Divine Mother" told me.