The water cycle as an image of the life cycle


original voice

The following subject is addressed:Life is like a stage, truth lies beyond that.

Maheshji says:

So, the same way to make a play nice, great, beautiful, truth. So this “virus” has been put in your brain, but if you know the real truth, so you will not face the agony of that and you will be closer to your immortality status of soul and you will be able to approach towards the goal:

“Let, Lord, I have completed this role – I don’t want to become (a new figure).”

This is like when the sea has given clouds. Clouds mean water; and water, each and every drop is, suppose, a life. So, this life goes on - this base, rain, that rain, water, again goes to the sea: cycle. This is the cycle of soul.

Listen, I’m giving a very nice truth:

As the water cycle makes water absolute clean, the same way this Jivaatman, if it again completes this cycle and (comes) close to Him becomes pure. Then that soul will come as a saint, incarnation, for their own brothers, sisters who are not aware of their real existence, to show the right path.