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One thing is very important: In Christianity and in Islam it is clearly fixed that there is not any life after this life. This means that this is the last life, you will not be born again.

There is no death in Hindu philosophy you come again and again. You only change your clothes you change your body.

The others say that this thought in Hindu philosophy is wrong.

If someone thinks there is only this life there will be no further life. What will happen? If he has the desire for crime, if he has the wish to take drugs, if he has the desire for sex, if he has the wish to have money: Money, money, money then he is involved in the materialistic world. This materialistic world, this mortal world makes believe that there is only this life. This leads to the fact that people get married with 70, 80 and 90 or even with 95 years. Why? Why? Because they think that they have only this life.

People must know about the life here and hereafter. 

Swami Rama wrote the book about the Katha Upanishad:  

"Live here and hereafter". 

In which this is explained. ISBN 0-89389-002-2


There is a life after the death. You come into this world again and again. 

If you have this thought you can organize your lifetime for yourself: For strong wishes 75 percent but you can convince others so that they do at least a little bit for their spiritual development, 20 percent, 10 percent, 5 percent or 1 percent.

I tell you a story to this subject: 

There was a man, a Muslim who didn't believe in God. And he thought that the idea of God is wrong. But one day he was sitting there and he thought: If there is God and I don't respect him what will happen? He had this idea. If there is no God, nothing will happen. I prayed and I did nothing wrong. But if God exists and I didn't pray then I am in hot waters. Therefore it is better to accept Him and to say some prayers. That cannot be wrong. If there is no God it doesn't harm because I only prayed. I respected the highest strength. If there is God and I didn't pray that then I may have a problem. Therefore it is better to honour him and to obey him.

It is also very important that Christianity and the Islamic world know that we have not only this life.

There is life here and hereafter. 

People change only their bodies.