22.11.2003 India, Kanpur 

"If you consider your task you should not tremble, because there is nothing better for a warrior than a fair fight". 

Passage in the Bhagavad Gita (chapter 2 verse 31) 



How can I find my real task in life?

Mahesh says that is very simple: 

It is very simple to understand the duty of a human being. 

Look, the future is unknown. You don't know what will happen.

1.  The past is gone.

2.  Presence has come by divine order.

3.  The future of each human being is uncertain.  

Whatever it is you should act as well as possible.

You should think: God has given you this work so you should do it. Whatever this is it is very simple. 


Mahesh says: So it is my duty to answer your questions. That is divine order.  

Often people don’t realize their duty. 

Present time is there and you have to do your work. 

Task and matter vary from human being to human being. 

These are two different things that you should understand. 

It is my duty to answer your questions. But that is not the aim of my life. 


It was the duty of Arjuna to execute God's commands. He was a warrior. He had to save his brothers and he had to fight against bad people. That was divine order. God said: Fight! 

After Arjuna got the absolute knowledge and he knew what his duty is, he started the fight. 

Although Arjuna had killed so many people this was no sin because he didn't act himself. God had given the command to the attack and had imposed on him to do His duty. 

It is the duty of a human being to protect his family and to safe their lives. 

 You escape from your task when you say:  

I have no idea about my duty. 

Every one of us has another task.  

You have to understand present time that is important.  

And keep in mind: The task and the aim of each human being are different. The task in life is different and the duty is different in every moment. 

I give an example of an Indian Saint: 

He had the habit to make one chapatti and to eat it immediately. Then he made the second chapatti and he ate it, then the third and ate it, then the fourth and ate it etc.Then, one of his students asked him: "Masters, why do you do this? You can prepare all chapattis and you can eat then all at once." The master answered: "Who will guarantee me that I am still alive when I made five chapattis although he knew this. 

He wanted to pass on the message that this moment belongs to you. 


Swami Rama used to say:  

"Live now and here"!  

He said this. He said this several times:  

"Live now and here"! 


What we are doing at the moment is exactly the work we have to do right now. 

When it’s time to go to sleep then you should sleep. Then it’s no time to work. Work is done. You should neither worry nor fear. God gave you time for sleep. 


There is the question:I often feel sick and I think I don’t practice enough. 

Mahesh says:This is because each human being is afraid of life. That is nonsense because you were never born and you never die. 

God was never born and God will never die and you also were never born so you never die. This can be applied for your father, also for you and for every human being. 

They are born and they will never die. They are immortal because they don't know what will happen after this life. 

How this thought deceives you. We worry about our body. The time period between two lives is only one gap.  


God has given 8,4 million incarnations to all creatures until they become a human being. You have to change your body that is all. 


Just as if you wear something different the next day. Where is the problem? 

The Indian Masters have the habit to say when people cry: "For whom do you weep?  "If you weep for the body, the body lies here. If you cry about something unknown to you which you don't see, why do you cry?"

The Indian Masters usually give very simple examples to their students so that they will understand. 

It is your duty to act the best you can at present. 

I give you another very simple example: 

If somebody works in a company and he doesn't perform his duty during working time that is wrong. If a child doesn't learn when God gave him time to learn, if he takes drugs or commits crime then that is wrong. That is not his duty.  

One cannot escape his duty by saying: These things, drugs and alcohol lie before me and it is my duty to take them. This is nonsense.  

Money lies in front of you and you steal it all that’s not your duty. 

If everybody does his duty there will be peace in the city, in the country and on the whole earth. There is no doubt about it. 

But people don't do this. They act according to their wishes, according to their ego or they do something out of fear or hatred or enmity. That’s not their duty. 

God will give you your task. If somebody follows this carefully he will get the feeling that the duty will come to him.  


Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita: 

"Time will come you only have to wait for it." 


Mahesh says:  

There are waiting times then the duty appears before you and you have to act. 

In the Bhagavad Gita, God instructs this directly. 


Here the following question: 

What should I do if my husband is not content with me? 

Mahesh says: "You have to do your best. If your husband is not happy with you it is his problem. There are people who are never content. Some people are continuously unhappy. They always tend to give this type of comments: This is incorrect that is wrong, this is wrong and so on.They never say that is right or that is very beautiful. That is because of their personal ego, the human ego. When he says: That is wrong, this is wrong, he only pretends to be important.  

It is the human being’s job to realise his own self. That is the duty of the human being. 

Only this human body is able to get there. 

No other species can to do it. That’s your goal in life. 

If you perform your duties you have to follow this aim consequently.

You can only reach the goal if you do your duties. 

The goal is important for this body. It has a higher position than the duty. But if you don't perform your duties God will punish you.  

The whole creation is like a huge concern. We are all working in it. If everyone does his duty correctly the result will be good. 

You should increase the hunger to reach the goal of life. 

The more hunger there is for the goal the more you will get. 

In your next life you will be nearer to the goal and you will be even nearer to it in the life thereafter. That’s a long journey. 

This should be very clear: The work is the object and the goal is self-realization. 


A quite simple method to recognize your duty is:

Act correctly in the present!

Do what you have to do the right way.

Do you have another point which is not clear or have you any confusion concerning this question?  Everything is clear.