Appeal to all teachers: A free education system!


The present education system is not perfect for all students because the intelligence quotient differs from student to student.

Intelligent students can understand the teacher’s instructions. Those who are not so intelligent do not understand the instructions and furthermore they hesitate to ask questions. They are fearful and weak. This is the same all over the whole world.

From the beginning these students are excluded from systematic instruction because of their intelligence standard. They are not aware of what is going on in the lessons. That means, they don’t understand the subject from the beginning and this will go on.

Students who are very sensitive and weak get psychological problems and depression. They cannot develop according to their capacity. Because of this they are not able to develop their personality. This way they get weak and anxious. Therefore some students turn to drugs, they should be taught separately.

Those who can afford it can take private lessons. Those who have no money, suffer.

Sometimes students cannot go to school because of illness or other reasons. Rarely can they close this gap later on.

This is a simple and free method of teaching all students the whole world over in the same way. This method will close these gaps in the present education system.

Our organisation "Global Yoga Consciousness Foundation" asks all good teachers for their support. We call all those who are willing to help to give free coaching to these students.

Our organisation invites all teachers, who think that this is a sensible task, to help weak students the whole world over.

We will make the lessons free available for all students via internet.

Our organisation asks you once again to promote this noble cause.

If you would like to give lessons please contact:

Global Yoga Consciousness Foundation

Saalkamp 17

22397 Hamburg


Tel.:    0049 40 607 11 22

FAX.: 0049 40 607 50 148

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