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Maheshji says our education is global. Our Web site should be called "global education system", global is wider. If I say international then there are several nations. Global means one. International is not the appropriate word for our mission. 

Our mission is to create humanity for all, for all people in the world. No nation and no boundaries, so we have to create this thought. This is our mission. 

We should give this education to all people of the whole world. I am giving them free education because I think all are one.

You see, I want to give you more important information.

This Yog is from the Vedas from the 4. Chapter of the Atharva-Veda.

The Vedas are actually one. For better understanding it has been divided into four parts.

1. The first part, the Rig Veda is about thoughts, about good thoughts. 

2. The second part is the Yajur-Veda. In Yajur-Veda the principles of the action of karma are described that is called Karma - Kanda. Here you will be informed how to perform things how to do rituals what is the right way what is the technique? If you will perform it in that technique you can get the energy of the creation, divine energy. So many things are described there, for example is there a Mantra if anybody practice this he will live for one 100 years. This way it is explained how you can enhance the power of a Mantra and what you can do to use divine energy and so many other things are explained there. All this has been given in the second part of the Vedas. 

3. The third part the Sama-Veda is about music that means worship, how you should repeat the mantra that you can get that power, so that you will get fame, money, strength or so many other things. This mantra has been collected in that Psalm - Veda. 

4. Atharva-Veda is something which doesn't move at all, atharvan is silence. Tharvan means movement, a means no movement. There is no movement that means absolute concentration, one pointed concentration without moving, still. If there is action there is no peace. Action means deeds, karma. 

In the Indian philosophy there are 4 ways how one can act.  

1. Going up, going down. 

2. Expansion. 

3. Constriction. 

4. Movement.  

In this way actions are being performed. That means:  

When there is movement you cannot see the truth.  

In creation nothing still everything is moving, moving, moving. Vibration is creation. Creation means future is unknown.

Creation is a covering. Body is a covering. The truth is in inside which you cannot see.

You are mortal. The creation is mortal. The truth is immortal.  

The truth is still.

As long as we are not in silence we can not reach the truth, the absolute. 

The absolute truth is still that is our real personality, our real being.

Without truth, we cannot get peace.

Therefore we don't get satisfaction whatever we do. Because you’re real personality, which is the real truth needs silence, stillness, reality so that everything is relaxed.  

We don't understand this. The unconscious truth of our being reacts and we are going on searching, searching, searching and searching. This whole searching is because people long for a real philosophy, for real spirituality.  

The principle of the Bhagavad Gita is the way into the silence.

Maharishi Patanjali writes in the Yog Sutras: 

"Yogas chitta - vritti - nirhodha." The flow of the thoughts must be stopped. So you can get stillness and peaces. 

The principle of Yog is from the Atharva-Veda, the 4. chapter of the Vedas.  

That is:  

One has to achieve stillness.

As long as you don't get this state you will have no peace. You will not understand the absolute truth of your own being, of your own personality.  

So Yog belongs to the Vedas. The Vedas belong to God.  

Yog gives a technique.  

This is a simple technique so that you become competent to understand the reality and to become reality, so that you are able to conquer this wrong, false, mortal creation. 

Yog is not a religion. Yog belongs to all human beings.  

All people have the right to reach the goal of human life without disturbing their religion in which they are born.  

In order to make this point quite clear it is necessary to emphasize it here once more.

It is very important to show that all this is connected to the wholly thoughts of divine.