11. 04. 03

We are developing a website where the subject matter of all schools and universities can be called up by computers at any place. The teaching material is prepared by specialists of each subject.

Every student should be able to study any subject independently at home on his own computer without any costs.

Central examinations will make all necessary certificates possible.

This way the whole world will become one.This is important.

This will enable a global consciousness for the coming generations.

When a global consciousness is achieved, there will be no longer differences. All different roles in the world and all disharmonies will be finished, all destruction and its consequences, the separating role behaviour between the peoples of the world, all demarcations between the races, between the religions of the world and between the sexes, will be finished totally. In this education system the students of the whole world will be taught from only one place.

A central examination board will manage all examinations. Education will be free, without any costs. Just imagine.

Take a second to think about the mental attitude of the students that is of the utmost importance.

To start a war and to warn others is not the right way to fight against terrorism. All this can be overcome including all religious differences.

In our times students go to university and hear lectures, for one hour, for 45 min or for 2 hours. Most of the students have no opportunities to ask their teachers. They hear the lecture, the material is new for them and questions turn up when they are at home. In our computer education system, students can put their questions via computer. They will have no problems and no fear and they will get an answer and everybody can obtain this answer.

This system is universal, every question and every answer is for everybody. It is at everybody's disposal, to all schools and universities all over the world.

In the present education system students can ask their questions, and only the students who are present can hear the question and the teachers answer.

In the new system

  1. the question is universal.
  2. The answer is universal.
  3. The discussion around the point is universal.

The students of the whole world can listen, understand and reject the answer if necessary. They gain knowledge.

This way, the education becomes perfect all over the world.

All aspects of this topic are shown, explained, announced and everyone can get it easily.

Many students will ask many questions.

You cannot teach any subject completely without questions. The teacher will answer any question. The questions differ more or less, this means that the answers differ more or less as well. The questions are answered by a group of teachers. They will discuss the question among each other and then formulate the answer. Just imagine. If a question is put again the computer will answer automatically.

By putting questions and hearing answers the subject will become totally clear.

When I teach and somebody asks a question, I will answer. A second student asks, I will answer, a third asks and again I will answer, this way the student will have complete understanding of the material. This way it is very easy to learn.

A very simple example: You look at me from the left side. So, you know only my left side. People sitting on the right side know only my right side. One sits in front of me, one sits behind me, all looking at the same object. Different students have different points of view. They have different ways to access. For this reason they ask their questions.

So, the entire topic can be outlined and explored by the students of the whole world.

In the present education system this is not possible.

The students who study this material are able to put their questions world-wide and questions are most welcome.

Until now, nobody has thought about the depth and the magnificence of this computer education system. And the whole university education will be totally free of costs to everyone.