Our trust wants to create a milestone for a world-wide Yoga consciousness.


Neither the present health care system nor the present education system bring the positive human potential to its full development.

Nowadays in our mainly materialistically oriented society there is a lack of mental and spiritual training.

The Yoga system offers an alternative way where an integral education is most important, by which the human personality can be developed on the physical, mental and spiritual level.

This education system leads to complete physical health, to mental capability and to the development of the spiritual personality by itself.

In this way all three aspects of the personality, the body, the mind and spirituality are developed and so the human potential can be fully used.

The Yoga system doesn't have any negative effects on health. 

It is suitable for young as well as for old people. 

Numerous scientific studies have shown its positive effect on human body and mind.

Yoga offers an alternative therapy for many diseases without any side-effects.