Wolgast 12.09.2004

 Her brother disappeared 9 years ago. She asks: Can I do something more or can I only pray?

Maheshji says: Yes, pray!

All prayers are being attended by any person to whom you talk whether he knows or not. The unconscious mind attains that prayer that thought. As you send SMS to your brother your instrument receives. The brain has abnormal power.

A person who does not know how to handle mobile, he does not know, he can’t get that SMS. The same way we don’t realize the message in our brain.

I have seen my Master, Theo knows.

We have the same power; we cannot attain that because our instruments are not so clean, not so clear because we do not know how to utilize them.

This instrument sometimes will not connect when you try that but it never fails. Brain has got so much power. By brain you can take the record of 1 million packs more than that. Recordings in your brain of your past lifetime will be instantly provided.

She understands, she will pray.

You see prayer for stopping the flood you know Theo, prayers of masses finished the flood. My master had the power to divert typhoons.

How nature has to follow these Great Saints. Nature has to follow.


You see Moses, when the sea was divided into 2 parts and Moses crossed the sea. You cannot deny the orders of the Saints.

If you try to understand these events about Moses, the see was divided into 2 parts and the tornado was stopped by my master that is difficult. Then you are able to understand that nature has the same sensivity and consciousness as we all have.

Try to understand these events, go into depth. Why? How?

  1. That great typhoon has turned away.
  2. God had given a way to Moses.
  3. See the flood.

She is happy and thankful.

Maheshji says this is a very high philosophy which I have given. An ordinary person will not understand.

  1. That means the sea is listening, the sea can listen.
  2. Typhoon, wind can listen.
  3. Oceans can listen.
  4. Each and every atom has the same awareness.

My Grand Master used to talk to utensils.

My Mater used to talk with birds, with keys, with rivers.

Mother Ganga has given Him a vessel which is never empty. Whatever he wanted it he got it.