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The goal is that we can control our minds

The highest power is mind. How can you get control over it? How can you make the full use of it? How can you control the power of the mind? That is our topic:

Maheshji says: I will explain this here. It is a very nice chapter.             

Spirituality comes from God and it represents the centre. All religions and also the spirituality are created from sound (Nada). The sound (Nada) starts from the centre of the navel not from brain.  

The human being is a universe himself. The only difference between the two is the size.   

The two universes, the human being and the big universe are in contact with each other. The difference is one is bigger and one is smaller. 

Just imagine the wideness of this divine universe. But if you think about divinity, he is also in the smallest particle. Just as you build a house with all things that belong to it the same is the creation for God. This is a very small creation for God, because for God everything is very simple.

Our way leads us from the gross to the finest. The nation comes under gross as well as the universe. Without space there is no creation.

The concept of space belongs to the 5 elements. The Vedanta-philosophy talks about 5 elements: 1. earth, 2. water, 3. fire, 4. air and 5. space.  

That means God is the prime cause of the creation.  

When you are in India you can ask.

I give you one example: Lord Ganesha, one of the sons of Lord Shiva, is worshiped first in India in each and every ritual. He is the symbol of the intellect. I am giving one story. 

Lord Shiva had 2 sons; one was called Ganesha and the other Kartik. Lord Shiva said to his sons: I want to know who is better Ganesha or Kartik? Then he said the one who will return first after taking 3 rounds of the entire universe he will be the first.  

Kartik immediately started making rounds. But Ganesha has taken 3 rounds around his father and mother. Because Lord Shiva is the creator and the total creation is within him. Nobody can deny it. And Ganesha had taken 3 rounds and he was peacefully waiting for his brother and after a long time his brother came. Then Lord Shiva declared Ganesha is the first. 

Maheshji says: What shall we do? It is our task to know ourselves. 

Most of the people spend their time to get to know the world and the creation, but the world and the creation are the bigger part of divinity.  

What should they do? They should try to get to know themselves. What’s the use of all the other things?  

If your consciousness will reach there you will see God from face of face.  

The entire creation comes under illusion that means: You cannot approach God this way.  

The real meaning of that is: Without knowing your own consciousness you cannot proceed. If you want to know the entire creation first there will be no progress.  

Therefore, even Christ has given this sentence, when he said: “Be still and know thyself.” 

This sentence is from the secret revelation of Johannes.

How short he formulated the entire spiritual approach. But no one teaches this nor do they talk about it. I think that the teachers will never say this.

What is the meaning of “Be still and know thyself”. I think they don't understand this. But the total gift of the Bible is this one sentence.

First you try to find out how you can become still and then you must learn to know yourself. This is a big task. 

Be still!  

You can say it is difficult to become still.  

For that you need a one pointed mind.  

When you became still then automatically the next step will happen “be still and know thyself.”  

You have to become still. To know thyself you only have to become still. Just imagine. 

It means Christ was having a total clear concept regarding spirituality. He has not explained this sentence. 

Mahesh says: By my masters grace I am explaining: You have to do one step only and that is within your limits and you will become very peaceful.   

I accept the spiritual power of Christ and his greatness. How clear he was. I explained to you the power of the human being.  

You only have to go into the depth and after that you have to do nothing.  

Know thyself means to know God.  

You are under false phobia, ego and false consciousness because you are not still although you are wrongly saying, “I am”.

If you come down completely you can see your own perfection and the perfection of the creation. You can see the basis of the creation. Without this inner stillness you cannot see the basis. 

You can give the total lecture with my voice in the web site. That is a clear and very important lecture.  

If anybody has questions he can ask at the last page of the web site under "your questions"? 

The instruction of Christ:

"Be still and know thyself"

is impossible to understand. Here He gives the total spiritual diary in one sentence. This instruction is for all who are spiritual, whoever that is.  

How you can become still?

This is the subject of Yog. Anybody can ask.  

It is possible only with help of meditation.  

That is why yogis are superior then other spiritual practitioners.  

That is do you do with meditation? What do you do in meditation? 

Slowly you minimize, minimize and minimize the object and finally you finish it. So you make progress and finally you reach Samadhi. 

Anybody can ask. What is the way to achieve this silence?  

The answer is to do Yog.  

How can you find peace? I think this will be a very nice lesson for those who think this is a very long and very complicated journey. They will see how easy this is. 

And we refer to Christ. Nobody in Europe will say I do not believe him. No one in the whole world can say this against Christ, nobody. Nobody can say this is wrong, because this is a real fact. If you will not give my lecture in the internet people will not understand this.  

I explained this in short. If anybody will ask than I can answer accordingly.

Each and every student must know about this priceless way which is declared in the Bible. On that path people can conquer the darkness and ignorance of their intellect. This way they also can clean their "Man" (minds). The actual word for mind is "MAN."  

He is the controller of all sense organs.  

This way a spark will turn into light.  

Maheshji says: I think, that the master wants to publish this lesson, because this is our subject: Meditation. That is the basis and the fundament of our school.  

May Mother Godes bless you all  

Thank you.