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Pregnant but not married

05.02.2005 Wolgast

What can I do my friend does not want to merry.

Maheshji says: I cannot predict.

So for these types of relations one has to think about all steps.

Before things are okay then it is okay, but normally in this type of relation only lust is there. The sex relation is higher, so they are not able to think about the future.

So when sex is involved in decision then the plans for the future become weak. Mostly male used to ditch much more in comparison to woman and this is in the whole world.

So she should think about it, because marriage means family. Family means total involvement for the next generation. You have to become sincere and you have to sacrifice: Time, money, so many things.

When you talk to him you will find out if he is thinking the same or different. By talks you will find out what he wants and what you want.

So before marriage she has to say what she wants, if she wants a child or not, early or late and what he wants, immediate or late.

Then these are the views if it is like this it is nice.

Some want a child after 5 years, after some time, some want immediately. So these are the things.

Some want to liver in the family or to live with their father and mother to look after the children.

There are so many forms to live together and this is a livelong contract in your country. But in my country this is a contract of 7 lives.

She understands.


Now she is pregnant in sixth month and she asks:

Is it important for the baby if I am married or not?

Maheshji says: So, you must marry.

If you have got child, so the boy should not feel himself guilty. You must marry. I did not know that you have taken this decision.

“Boyfriend does not want to marry now.”

But he should marry before that child is born. When he does not want to marry then why?

“He does not want to marry because his parents are separated. He doesn’t understand that this is important.”

You see I have given answer before. She is telling everything is okay. I have given this thought of child, I did not know about this pregnancy. But you told everything is okay. I was telling the same thing which I have mentioned.

If he really loves he should marry.

He should accept the child. If he is not accepting it shows that there is some doubt.He has taken this step and he is denying.

He is telling this is not important. He should think.

A person who loves, he will sacrifice; he will accept that this is his child, not another.

If he is not accepting I think this is claim of pure love. He is doubtful.

She should again think about it, though she has come in a very difficult situation.

If she will not marry then what will be the fate of this pregnancy? In your country is all allowed.

“Both want the baby.”

Maheshji asks: Then, without marriage---?

“He does not understand marriage, what that is.”

So, in your country I do not know how your culture is.

Here first marriage then boy, but in your country boy and marriage is not needed than all right, and after giving birth he will marry. If this is permitted in your country then there is no problem. But the culture of this country is different.

Maheshji says: Hallo. Yes.

You have to decide in this critical situation.

“She wants to marry but boyfriend doesn’t want.”

Maheshji says: So, why?

Just imagine. When the child will become elder then he will marry?

I have told before, I have given example.

You see he wants child, no marriage. He will not protect the child.


She asks: What arguments can I give him?

I say, that Maheshji told him that he has to protect the child and that he has to marry her.

Maheshji says: Yes.

If he does not want to marry at least she should not abort the child.

“Yes, the baby will be born.”

You give him time and whenever he wants you marry. I am not telling to leave him, but that situation which I have given that situation has come.


She understood everything and she will discuss with him.

Maheshji says: Yes.