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Mahesh says:

This habit to marry in white in the European world is wrong for this event, because both are going to start their family life. Their sex life begins. This colour is not proper for this purpose.

It should be a stimulating colour: Red or blue, best is red and then the other colours follow because here you want to be stimulated.

God gave blood the colour red. Colour is a most important ingredient in the creation. I am not talking about black and white; the seven colours of the rainbow are the creator.  

God has given colours to nature according to the need.  

I don't know who has selected this white colour. This habit is only in Europe not in the countries of the Moslems. I don't know about Russia. I think most of the European countries use white colour. As per psychology that is completely wrong.

If you look at this any other colour is better than white.

Mahesh says, it is absolutely wrong to delay the wedding.

Medically it has already been proved that the best time for marriage and to get children is between the age of 20 and 30 years. The older a human being gets the weaker the coming generation will be.  

For a long life, for strength and for the entire development of the energy it is important to marry before thirty.  

Therefore getting married earlier is better.  

Today the 2 partners are living together for 5 - 10 years and enjoy. This is actually not right because the longing for each other becomes less. That’s why in my country marriage is earlier so the mutual craze is much stronger and it still increases. That is the reason why you should marry early.

If a man and a woman live together without marriage that is something different, they do this because of sex.

If they live together for 5 - 7 years and then get married there will be no more craze everything becomes mechanical. The relationship is no longer rich it gets automatic.

The necessary longing gets lost because they both have been living together for a long time. And this craze is the most important means and the best chemistry for a relationship. All this is lacking in this type of marriage.

The European world should know this. It requires scientific research if couples get married and if they live together without being married.

What is the difference in both systems?

That craze for each other is the most important factor. It creates the proper chemistry, the proper love, the proper craze and the proper structure. 

If couples have lived together for a long time everything becomes mechanical. If they get married after a long time they have not such craze, not such chemistry, nothing. They come only together because they want family life.

If all this is lacking. The coming generation will also have to face so many important thoughts and samskaras (burdens). They have to go through it.

So much about real love and mechanical love. 

Which is better? This requires deep research. 

Not for India but in your country that is required. Therefore there are still so many divorces even after many years.  

Also in India only few marriages are successful because real love is missing and only sex is practiced. Because they have already seen the extreme, the natural band the craze for each other is missing. When they get married nothing is new for them. You can say that they got only the certificate. The certificate has given them the permission to give new life but in your country this is also not required.

Those who are social workers even doctors should make studies about it and they should give their explanations.

The churches should study this paper and they should also give their explanation to the important subject. 

They all can send their comments at info@global.yoga.org