What is important when a child is born? 

28.11.2003 Kanpur 

Mahesh answers: 

The human baby needs a lot of love. It grows up in the womb. If it is born and the child is separated after birth from its mother, the child feels this. When the child is near the mother's body it feels safe. His love and his faith will increase.  

I will tell you what the Saints of India say to this subject: 

"When the child is born the umbilical cord is there. The umbilical cord should not be cut immediately after birth. If it is cut directly after birth the child feels this pain and this pain will remain in its unconscious mind. You should not cut the umbilical cord directly after birth. After fife minutes the umbilical cord perishes and if you then cut it the baby doesn't feel any pain. Just imagine the sensitivity of the baby.


Nowadays there is the habit that mothers don't nurse their children. The mother's milk consists not only of milk. All nutrients a child needs are in the mother’s milk. Nobody else can produce such milk and mother's milk is exactly adjusted to each individual child's needs.

If you give cow's milk or any other milk that is too strong. If you feed babies with this milk they will suffer their whole lifetime. They have stomach problems; since birth their digestion is weak. 

If you give powerful milk to the child, the baby doesn't have the strength to digest these materials and from the beginning this digestion problem will be there. 

The most important food for the baby is LOVE.

If it doesn't get any love, it will suffer its whole lifetime. The baby feels this it will be afraid.  

In the beginning the baby recognizes only its mother, then its father, then others. If it doesn't feel mother's touch it will be afraid. It cannot express this but this is reflected in its mind.


You look at a monkey baby how it embraces his mother.

If a monkey baby dies it dies in his mother's arms. The mother walks around with the dead baby for days. You see mothers love.

Love is most important and necessary. The baby should feel mother’s permanent contact.


You should talk to the child as much as possible in mother’s language. It is scientifically proved that the baby understands when its mother talks to him. Mother may think that the child doesn't understand her but the child understands everything and it answers. In its mother’s arms it understands everything she says. It understands everything she says and it answers but mother doesn't understand this. The baby listens and it listens also to her thoughts and it understands her thoughts.

If you speak another language than mother tongue the baby will not understand. The other language disturbs the child because the child's mind is very tender.

Therefore a quite simple instruction:

  1. You should speak to the baby only in mother language until its 5 years old.
  2. Just put some honey on your finger and let the new born child taste it. Honey is energy an immediately working energy without any harm.

Whenever somebody feels weak, he should take some honey. If there is no honey he can also take grapes.


One thing is very important:

If the mother is pregnant, she should take from the third or fourth month one to two tablespoons of honey a day. This way the gens of father and mother are manifested more strongly. That’s the effect of honey.

Mahesh gave his daughter in law this instruction during pregnancy and she followed his advice.


Before birth the woman should not take heavy food like nuts, Ghee or butter. After the child is born she can eat what she likes.


From the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy the woman should work less so that the child will get enough food.

If mother works too much during this time the child will suffer physically and mentally.

During this time the mother needs peace. The energy should go to the baby.