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Yesterday somebody could escape from an extremely dangerous situation in the traffic. 

Maheshji says here a very heavy fate was averted because a good work for mankind is behind it. “Divine Mother” saved you. The situation was dangerous I saw this.  

So Divine Mother has saved you that is divine protection. How God protects someone who works for mankind and not for himself, because he is thinking for the country and for the people who are suffering in this materialistic world.  

We give light to them we show them the right way.  

These events have to do with past karmas. This way God protects with his divine power.  

In the Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna says that these are words of God: 

"Whoever surrenders to me, I will protect him." He says:  

"I will liberate you from all sins."  

These are His words. These are divine words. God himself says this. 

Who works for mankind he will be protected.  

If somebody says, why was Christ not protected?  

Christ was protected. It was an examination that he had to pass. It was his test for non-violence. If he had said, oh God kills them; he would not have passed the test.  

But he prayed for them. This was his examination and nothing else. But people can not understand this with their intellect and with this materialistic knowledge.  

Only intuitive people may be able to see the reality.  

Jesus could pass this only with the blessing of Divine Mother and with the blessing of his Master otherwise this would have been impossible.  

I can see all this very well with the grace of my Master and with the grace of Divine Mother.  

I speak to you without any confusion and I give you clear explanation, because if somebody suddenly asks, you cannot answer. I make an extremely important event clear to you, which everybody knows. What the whole world knows.

Punishment is something else and death is something else.  

Only the ones who are spiritually blessed, they can understand the difference between examination and punishment. 

Therefore you should have good thoughts every moment, do good things and you should always try to read good literature.  

Bad things cannot give you any peace, joy or good health.  

You should try to protect yourself from worries, hate, bad thoughts, bad things, from anger and greed. 

Greed is extremely existential, it is extremely dangerous.  

Look people have millions but their greed remains unchanged, it even still increases. 

Hatred has a limit. Only one human being has crossed this border, Hitler. Just imagine his extreme hatred. He wanted to destroy whole England. How many people were killed in the concentration camps? Till now nobody has reached this in the history of the world.

The Englishmen killed so many Brahmans every day. This is the intellectual race in India. But until now nobody surpassed Hitler. But nevertheless anger has a limit, hatred also has a limit. But greed has no limit.  

Therefore Aparigraha not collecting things is important in Yog. It is very important. 

And that is a divine truth:  

You can not get more than is written in your fate. Neither can you get it earlier as it is fixed in your fate. You will have to wait. This is written in the Bhagavad Gita:  

"Don’t act before the time, waits until the time of action has come. 

It means that you should do what has to be done right now. 

You should thank God. You should thank Divine Mother for your protection. What you told me would have been a heavy accident without any doubt and you were protected. 

This protection worked like the German wall. This type of wall is put around such people who work for mankind that fills a divine mission. 

We work in divine order not for any greed, not for fame and honour. But we want to show mankind the right way. They should recognize this.  

Money, sex, power, fame and wealth, this is not the aim why you are born, no.  

Each human being should think this every moment:  

This human life is extremely precious, it is extremely important. 

If you spend your whole life with sex, wine and women, with fame and glory, with collecting things, with enmity, anger and fear that is an abuse of this precious instrument.  

People should think about this every day when they are alone.  

They think but they don't know through how many species they have gone from the beginning so far until they became a human being. Therefore God gave this high instrument (the human life) to mankind.

It is important on what a human being is concentrating when he talks, when he works, when he is butchering an animal. God gave him this profession, but the main concentration should be always on the prayer. Pray to God concentrate on that. This way you will have much more time to follow the true way of the life. 

People should pray! God listens to each individual. God hears every word. Every word is recorded.  

It is not necessary that you speak loudly as the Moslems do. This loud prayer is not necessary. Who ever wants to do this he does nothing wrong. 

But the highest vibrations appear when you don't use your speech organs. Then the vibrations are most intensive. Sound has the highest intensity in the thoughts.