Prayer before death


Mahesh gives us a prayer for preparation before death.

A son asks in his father’s name: Father is 74 years old, has stomach cancer, liver metastases and is not far away from death. He asks how he can help his father.

Mahesh says that he can certainly help his father. Mahesh says that God has given him this extra time before death. In this time, he has the opportunity to turn to the divine mother of creation and to express his concerns. Mahesh says he should say the following prayer:

I pray to the sacred mother of creation. Oh, omnipotent creator, I can't remember all my mistakes of last live or the present life. God, you imposed this penalty on me. Give me strength so that I can constantly remember you. Oh God, bless me. No thoughts on worldly things should disturb me. My entire consciousness and all my feelings are directed to you. The Divine Mother of creation might bless me.Without her blessings I won't reach my next life the way I should. Oh Divine Mother bless me and my whole life, so that I will be capable of praying and serving and that I serve mankind. Forgive me for whatever I did consciously or unconsciously.

Only you, holy mother of creation, can give me peace. Only you can give peace to my departing soul. Your child is before you, please forgive, forgive, forgive me.

Here the prayer ends.

This way father can approach to the Divine Mother of creation and can work forward to the divine area.Without apologising to the Divine Mother, he cannot make any progress. He should say this exactly prayer. That is most important. In the Christian world people usually pray to God. There is a difference between God and the Divine Mother. The prayers should be sent directly to the Divine Mother. God himself is not involved.

You have to address to the Divine Mother of creation.

Otherwise, nothing will happen. God himself does not act.

God has created the universe and Divine Mother is acting. The holy power of Divine Mother is devided into nine areas. There are four main branches.

1. The mother of knowledge.

2. Mother Durga, who is the punishing form of the Divine Mother, who destroys everything bad. Mother Durga's nature are catastrophes, punishment, destruction and earthquakes.

3. The sacred mother of creation.

4. Mother Lakshmi is the power that brings wealth in the worldly sense. Without Mother Lakshmi this doesn't work.

There are five more powers. We will discuss this in India. The easiest way to understand this is to live in the situation of a family.

Mother takes care of everything.

Everybody follows mother's command. Divine Mother is the highest power. The scientists say everything is energy, all movements, everything is energy. If you want to move your fingers, energy is necessary. This energy comes from Divine Mother. This is the reason why you feel separated from God. Divine Mother is between you and God. 

For example: someone is knocking at the door and as long as you don't open, no one can enter. Only mother allows to enter.

Without Divine Mother you can't reach God.

In India, the connection to Lord Krishna is made by his wife Radha.

In the Christian culture prayers to the mother Mary are the most important and the most effective. You cannot cross the illusion of the world without Divine Mother. In Yog there is the Kundalini power. This power takes you into the outer world, into the world of the body experiences. When the body is cleaned it takes you from the terrestrial surroundings to God. Both powers exist in Maya (illusion) and in the Kundalini power. Every creature has this Kundalini power. If this power works in us, the pure deity acts in us. We can’t escape from God. Nothing is beyond God. A thought is in your whole body, in each cell of you body, in every prayer.

Between us and God works a power and that is the power of Divine Mother.

You should always pray to Divine Mother. Example: Shankara Sharya could not get up when divine mother appeared before him in order to welcome her.He prayed with folded hands: I cannot get up to welcome you because I am sick. Then Divine Mother said to him: You pray to God and you don't recognise me. You need not welcome me, I am in you. As he realised his mistake he said the most beautiful prayer of the world to Divine Mother. Shankara Sharya is a great Indian Saint. He lived 5 thousand years ago.

Swami Rama always prayed to Divine Mother only.

Before meditation Maheshji always prayed to his master and Swami Rama said, don't do this. Pray to Divine Mother. Divine Mother gave you everything and she will continue to give you everything. One can pray to every sacred woman, she is in charge of Divine mother. The woman's sexuality shall never be offended. The woman's purity is of highest importance. If a man throws his wife out of the house, this house becomes the house of devil, furthermore it is not possible to obtain purity in this house. It is a crime to misuse woman as sex symbol. That is an insult for the divine mother of the creation. In India, girls at the age of five, seven and nine years are honoured instead of Divine Mother.

Every woman is a symbol of Divine Mother.

Mahesh says that is the truth. Without Divine Mother no creation is possible. God needs Divine Mother otherwise he cannot create nothing.

Mahesh repeats:  

You have to pray to Divine Mother if you want to achieve something.

The physicists only advanced up to energy. They don't know any finer power, but there are finer powers. 

Energy changes, but God never changes. Something commands the energy. It lives, it is going on. It takes on a form. There is something behind energy. The scientists don't know how energy works. When we pray to God, we should our say prayers to Divine Mother. In India there is twice a nine day’s prayer to Divine Mother, once in April, once in October. In India, God himself is worshiped only once the year. Here, you can see the difference clearly. We arrived in India in October the day the prayer begins, and also this time in April. We got to Mahesh this day when these nine holidays start. Mahesh says, this is Divine Mother’s wish.