Mahesh talks about faith 

If the medical art fails faith is very important and alone by faith the whole situation can be changed totally. Mahesh says that absolute faith works, absolute faith works. 

In all good relationships faith is the fundamental power. If you don't have faith good contact and sincere love between people are impossible. If you mistrust someone then there will be no communication possible and love cannot grow. Love cannot develop. If you doubt in the love of someone else, no matter whoever he is, your son, your friend, your neighbour your politicians; if you don't have any faith love cannot blossom in a relationship. Faith plays an enormous role. Therefore faith has a very high position in the Indian culture. If the son doesn't have faith in his father, if the woman has no trust in her husband, if one doesn't have faith to his older or younger brother or sister, if no faith exists, no faith in the religion, to the teacher, no faith in God, then nothing can develop. Faith is of highest importance. 

Faith is the most important means.

Mahesh says: "The power of faith is abnormal."

If a patient has faith in the doctor even a wrong medicine will cure him. Through faith alone, he becomes healthy. This works because the whole metabolic system of the body answers the stimulation positively.

That is faith.