Original voice


Mahesh says my voice has a force. When you read the book of a Saint that is something different. It is as if you heard it with your own voice. That is totally different.  

That is the power of the voice.  

If you read a book you read the book with your own sound. That is wrong. That is not so the same. That is not the sound of the author.

If you listen to cassettes of Hitler and if you read what he said, do you think that it has the same effect? No. If they hear this sound people will understand this. That is important.  

I have been saying for a long time if I explain something in English and this is grammatically wrong this has no meaning. I am no English teacher.

The sound of the voice has a direct effect on the brain that is the psychology of the sound.  

For example you take a cassette of the 2. world war. What a strong voice Hitler had. A normal human being can not adopt this sound at all. That is not possible only Hitler could do it.  

If you listen to the voice of Churchill and the voice of Stalin of this time, so their voice was also very strong. I remember. But Hitler spoke with a super voice. He spoke as if he was the king of the whole world. He had such a faith into his commands and he deceived them all. That was a voice of violence. The voice has an effect on people.  

If people read the lessons of the web site they hear the lesson with their own sound.   

Assumed you read the book of Swami Rama "Living with the Himalayan masters" then you hear your own sound.

If you hear the master himself then you hear the sound of the master and the effect is then much deeper.

Mahesh says: 

By the blessing of the master my voice has the same effect; my voice has the sound of love and compassion.