Maheshji explains the reason for the different languages 


The subject is, why certain languages are rejected and suppressed.  

Mahesh says: This is why people have many mental reservations against the country as well as against the language.  

In India we have no hate against the British due to spiritualism. (The English suppressed India for 400 years.)  

But in your country there is not this deep kind of spiritualism. If people decide once that another country treated their own country and the inhabitants wrong, they reject that country and its language.  

This happens unknowingly. It happens in the unconscious mind.  

Why do people reject a language? It is a language, and this language doesn't belong to a person, it is spoken by many people. 

The language is given from the God.  

All this is natural. The languages have to do with the curvature of our planet. The language changes with the curvature of the planet, All this is divine. This is all geographical. This is natural.  

So once you are against any language, you are against God.  

Yes, it is better you respect your language because this is natural. This hatred is against nature. This doesn't mean that one can reject or hate any language. This feeling is against both nature and divinity. You can be astonished about this fact.  

There is a science about it, linguistics. They know the cause of it and the primary cause. This depends totally on nature. 

Due to their geographical situation the different languages are created. Different countries have different languages.  

For example, all English words come from different European languages, from French and from Latin, also from the Indian languages, Sanskrit and Hindi. So this is a mixed language.  

As if you were eating a fruit salad. Every fruit is there.  

That language has come into such a situation that it can call nothing its own. If one examines this deep in the linguistic school you get the answer, why.  

That is why the language developed this way in this part of the world. What is the cause? So they can give the answer.  

So each and every person should seriously think about it. 

A language belongs to nature. They belong to the global science. And the globe belongs to divinity.  

If people will think this way they will not hate.  

Everything else is a very conservative outlook, a narrow-minded thinking.  

If people will see it in this context there will be no hatred.  

The latest researches say that a newly born baby understands mother’s language. It understands mother’s language totally. When mother talks to the baby it answers. It will respond. If mother will speak different languages, it will not answer. Then understanding is lost. The child cannot understand the other languages.  

This is natural. This shows the importance of mother’s language. The baby did not learn the language, but it was born in that area. It is part of this region. Since the child was in mother's womb it understands her language. That is natural. 

If people think that way, they can overcome this thought of rejection.  

This is again a very nice lecture and it is very important.  

If someone thinks that way, he will neither hate nor reject on any level. Both feelings are bad. 

A language may be difficult due to so many reasons, due to literature, due to grammar; so many things enter there, the culture, so many words or expressions, but that is something different.  

It is not allowed to hate any language. That is wrong. This happens because people think in a very conservative and narrow minded way.  

Instead one should think this is all natural. Nature doesn't belong to any person. Nature is nature. Nature is totally divine.  

Who understands this, will definitively find a total change in his understanding.  

No one thinks the way I am talking, but it is necessary.   

That is our mission: We are all one.  

Birds have got global outlook.  

But human beings have got a most aggressive outlook, they very conservative.  

They have created borders, like the lions. Only lions create boundaries. No other animal does this, neither elephant, nor camel, nor cow. Only the lions create boundaries. They mark their borders by urine. No other lion will enter that place. But this is animal instinct.  

Only birds can be compared with global outlook.  

Indian people have given this slogan: The whole world is one family.

In each and every contact we have to see that people will get this global outlook.  

People must overcome their inner narrowness.