01.12.2004 Kanpur

(original text)

The question is: 

Is evexthing one unity or live we in duality?

Maheshji says:

All informations that you get are not real.

Nobody teaches you reality.

Until and unless you will not change the attitude how can you change yourself?

You have to change. This requires continuous practice, spiritual practice.

Just see each and every person looks, sees and understands several things in duality, but it is wrong.

There is no duality in this universe.

Or a person wants to tell this non-dualism to a chemist person, who every time sees duality. How it is possible?

He will say: He is a fool because he has trained his mind in duality. Every moment he is doing that. But this is wrong. Truth is this.

Why I love everybody, why people love me, because I never see in duality.

When I spread myself then I find you all in me. Yes. You cannot see that but it is true. Not away, within.

So these things are very important.

Develop your conscious, your attitude non-dualism. Try to feel and then you will feel a typical peace in you when this thought of non-dualism approaches, when this vision, this sight will develop.

You will see each and every particle of nature will talk to you, will communicate with you because everything is living and everything is not different but one.

Due to covering, due to gross, it looks different as waves in the sea bigger, smaller and smaller. But if you see this is sea, no wave, truth is this. Try to see oneness.

When you elaborate, develop this thought. Sometime you will feel you are bigger and that total sky is within you, all stars, whatever it is, is within you. You have no skin, no body, nothing only one consciousness.

You are so big.


The next questionis:

One partner wants to travel so much in the world. The other prefers to do spiritual practice.

The questionis: How can I handel the situation?

Maheshji says:

You see, you cannot impose your thoughts upon a person who is living non-reality.

So either you follow him because this is a thought. Thought you can maintain without telling, without sharing. This thought can be developed in Germany; you can go to Africa, on the moon, what is that?

He is living in joy that you are following him but actually you are not following. You are looking different way. Your outlook is different. You are not saying, this is this, this is this.

Try to see the reality.

As a physics master sees this is energy, not table, not this, not this, just look. This way you can, so when you develop nothing will disturb and he will be happy.

Your thought will become more perfect, stronger.

How you think this is the point, how you are thinking.

If he is different. You never try to put your thoughts towards him. Just see when a person is not hungry and you give him. So when hunger comes, when craze comes to know reality, as you have got some hunger to know about these things so you come here.

When you have developed this thought fully nothing will disturb you because truth is here, truth is Germany and truth is Africa see. But this thought is important.

Otherwise there will be every day fight. You will say this is all false. You think he is idiot; he is foolish but never tell this.

As you control the foolish persons, you are the teacher. There are some students they are underdeveloped. So you are teacher, just think, yes. So they will love you much more. How simple it is no problems.

You will see he is a child. He is playing with toys. These are toys, beautiful toys, fine red buildings, hundreds. So these are the toys when you realize the reality.

So he will love you, you will love him.

You will never need a toy because you are not attached with the toys. But when you tell him that he is child then you will have problem.


I play with my grandson with the toys but I am not attached with the toys.

This is his faith. Sometime it is possible that he realizes whether I should accept this or not. Whether this is truth, whether I am doing right, whether this is true, real object of live which I am doing, sometimes.


One of the Saints of India Maharishi Rama, he never spoke. Rarely did he speak. He always gave powers by his eyes.

So he used to say:

When you are alone you ask from you:

Who am I?

You question yourself.

This thought will take you towards reality.

As in Buddha dharma they say: I am body, I am brain, no, no I am not brain. I am this, I am this, I am this, I am this, no I am not this.

So this way you go through. -Yes.

Only this thought will take you there.