Wolgast 12.09.2004

She has a boyfriend she is not sure if this is the right partner. She asks, shall I go on with that relationship or is it not good to go on with that boy?

Maheshji says: One thing is important for all who ever are present in your class.

This matter is not in your hands, is not in the hands of human beings. Actually this is all pre distinct. Who will be your life partner this is prefixed.


Now the question arises what you should do?

You should do better, fine behaviour to this boy with confidence, with love, with patience you should attain this boy, if the same boy is in your fate this will continue.


Now next question:

If you have any confusion regarding this, than I can explain more.

She understands and she will follow.

Maheshji says, actually when I will answer according to your question that will be a prediction and prediction is not allowed for me. That is God’s secret I cannot reveal.

So you should be pious, loving, faithful to this boyfriend with faith in God.

With the prayer to divinity or Mother Godes that she will guide, bless you with this boyfriend if he is meant for you: Better, relation will develop more, more and if not. So this way you can talk to Mother Godes or God in whom you believe.

Always remember nobody is nearer to you all than God.

This is ignorance that we think that God will listen or not. But this is not true, he is listening.

She understands. She is happy.

Maheshji says: She can pray. She should have confidence in the blessing of divinity.

If there is any question concerning this subject you can ask or anybody can ask regarding marriage, divorce or so many other events because this is a big topic.