Mahesh talks about money and sex

08. 08. 2002

When a big storm comes a wise man stands there and turns his back to the storm. We should act the same way. Now the time has come. Mahesh says that people nowadays are only interested in sex and money. It is time for the storm to start. The world is totally busy with sex and sins.

It is the task of human beings to get to know themselves.

That is the gift of God, the blessing of one's own karma that human beings can follow the way of truth. The history of religion and the history of Buddhism says: Leave everything behind and follow the way of truth! Why?

But people follow this way only mechanically not with their hearts.

No other species is capable to reach this goal of human beings. Power, fame, big influence, that is not the aim. It can give you neither peace nor blessings.

Our true nature is to reach peace and blessings.

For that you have to follow the way of sound. Thoughts are sound. If for example you think of your child that is sound. Goods thoughts generate a good sound. Bad thoughts generate bad sounds. Energy will join the sound, good energy or bad energy. The energy joins the sound. That is the reason why prayer works.

In spirituality sound and energy are directly connected.Only these two things have this enormous effect. The entire creation works on this fundament.

Everyone should think seriously about it. You should reflect if this is the right way. If you enjoy sex and money will you really find peace? What then is the difference between animals and us? Is it right running after sex and money, after fame and power? Is that my only aim in life?

If that is not our goal what then is our goal? Is everything over then? In Yog it is explained how you can go the way and how you can reach the aim. Whether they follow this way or not they should read these sentences again and again. They should repeat this sentence every day. If they repeat this the time will come when they will understand. At the moment they keep running. From now on they should think about it.

Just look at the masses of people.The masses never think. The people on earth only run around without thinking. Nobody is thinking. They should find out what is right and what is wrong. With this prayer they will turn to the truth.

People are looking for peace where they can’t find it. Just like someone who leaves his house and keeps on running and loses all protection. The same way, everybody is looking for protection in the wrong place. They look for protection, but they find nothing. They don't find satisfaction though the inner voice says:

Everything is within you. God sent you to the earth and he also gave you a house. But you have lost the feeling for your divine house.

In Yog you learn where it is and how you can get there.

Mahesh says, I have said a lot, now you are near to your own house. You are near to your real house. I have shown you the entrance to your house. Never lose your aim in life.