The importance of love


original voice


A Yog student from Russia goes on holidays to that area where she was born and she will teach Yog there.

Maheshji says that area is absolutely unbelieving in god or in any of these divine existences. So there this type of organisation which teaches about your own existence is very important.

In Yog there is no god.

You are god.

You have to see yourself.

You have to talk to yourself.

Then you will know yourself.

The way you normally introduce yourself is false: You say, that is my father he has given me this name this is all false.

By practicing Yog you will be able to know yourself.

Once you will know yourself you will be able to know the creator. And when you know yourself then you will know your father (God).

If someone does not know himself how can he know his father?

So we are the representatives (we represent Him on earth). These are the steps.

When you know yourself then you know everything.

For several lifetimes you have been concentrating on the false and you consider the false to be true.

Therefore I ordered that lady from Russia to love her relatives. If she does not love she cannot get anything. If you have any hatred you are away from it. Love, love, only love is needed.

Love crosses its own boundaries, emotions, sentiments.

Blind sentiment is necessary, in your deep emotion you forget yourself.

Your Ego and intellect go to zero. When this goes down to zero you will be enlightened by meditation, by these things, counselling and proper understanding regarding these explanations which I have given.

At that time I did not explain that. Why?

You can ask, why? Why Maheshji?

If she does not understand love she will develop hatred about the lesson and about the other things. Why then should you do all this?

So she will have to develop love then comes gravity, power, this is the importance of Yog.

How important is love.

In Christianity love is also important. They have not given importance to the vision knowledge (intuitive knowledge). They did not explain this.

So I am explaining. Divine Mother gives total (gives the total explanation).


Ego in any vision cannot lead to results. This is very important.


This disconnects you from your own light, from your heart, from your love.

By love, love can prepare everything.