30. 07. 2002

Mahesh talks about chemical products which cannot be recycled.

The population of the world must know how dangerous these things are for life on earth.

Mahesh says: From today on any things that cannot be recycled should not be produced any more. Take a look at nature. Everything that nature produces it recycles itself. That is a continuous circle without end. In nature everything is recycled.

This recycling procedure of nature is not dangerous at any point.

But industry produces plastic articles which cannot be recycled.

Most of these substances are discarded and are stored on rubbish tips. They will never be recycled. You can’t sink them in the sea nor can you bury them in the earth nor can you burn them. They will always be there. And each country in the west produces such things.

They do this for their profit. The life of the people, the fertility of the earth and the tidiness of the atmosphere are threatened; everything under stress.

In India there was in former times a quite efficient millennia-old recycling procedure. Smoke and other things were neutralised by scents by the addition of seasonings and herbs. So the atmosphere and the ground were not damaged. They cleaned the atmosphere; they mingled under the water so that the water remained pure. And when it began to rain it was called healthy rain. Everything was recycled normally without residues without damaging products. Pure water was created again.

What happens if chemicals mix with water? The earth will be contaminated and produce products which lead to physical and mental disease.

You can see that at any time. It requires resistance of the people otherwise this will go on.

The planet will be destroyed.

A revolution against the chemical concerns who sell these products is necessary.

So many non-recyclable substances are produced.

The scientists claim that their achievements are a progress for civilisation. But the scientists don't think about what they are doing in reality and what they have already done.

They should reflect whether it is better or worse for mankind what they are doing.

The entire world is overloaded with dangerous weapons and terrorised by dangerous chemical products. The world is terrorised by the revolution on the chemistry sector and by their waste products.

The scientists are not looking for things that are not dangerous for the earth.

They should produce things which are useful for people. They should consider the results of waste products which are dangerous for the whole world. They should at least stop these products.

Mahesh calls this all a silent war. Life will be destroyed all over the earth.

In coming generations people will be born as cripples if this chemical production, these chemical beverages, this impurity with chemicals and this disco civilisation continues.

Mankind will be in great danger without an intervention from outside. Mahesh says that is important. We have to realize this.

And all rich countries which make these products have to stop it. They have to realize the consequences for themselves and they must stop it.

Everyone should be conscious of this silent destruction which is getting closer and closer to us.

One disease after the other will be generated. We have to stop this development.