28.11.03 Kanpur 

Mahesh says: Look at these mobiles, how many electrons pass there and they have an effect on your brain. 

Everybody uses mobile telephones and what will happen in future? 

It can make that 80 percent of the people who use mobiles are damaged bodily and mentally. 

Your mental balance is disturbed by the mobile. 

Nobody thinks about it, what will happen there. 

Up to which degree can these electrons, which penetrate from the mobiles into the head, create disturbances? 

For some time the neurons will be able to resist these electrons, but I cannot say how long. 

The technicians can measure the power of the electrons and they can document their effect. 

But as spiritual human being, I can only feel the effect of the electrons. They are not good for the nerves. No, neither they are good for the ears, neither for the eyes, nor for the brain. These three organs are certainly damaged irrevocably. I cannot say how much time this change needs.  

But after some time, most people will be ripe for the psychiatry.  

The brain is destroyed slowly. 

Researches to it must be started in this time. One must examine this at the beginning not when the damage becomes visible.  

One must develop a portable phone, that doesn't need to be held so near to the ear, that is not connected to the body. You hear, to if you telephone, but the electrons should not reach you directly; they should not be able to attack you. 

A protection is already a simple headset; it interrupts the flow of the electrons into the head. 

One of my students gave me a Handy, and I felt immediately the attack of the electrons and the bad vibrations. I am very much sensitive. You can imagine my sensitivity not at all.  This you cannot, it is beyond your capacity. 

These are very important thoughts, which disturb my peace. They should be to the disposal of the masses as a blessing.  

1. Your countrymen should think about it! 

2. The technicians should understand this in the right way.  

They should develop such an instrument that cannot create any damage. Or something, that directs the electrons into another direction. That one hears the voice, for example, and that the electrons are reflected, so that they don't reach the body. 

But I felt this electron attack in my head. I put the Handy immediately aside. 

By the time everybody plays around with the mobiles. Everyone has the thing in his hand.  

This necessitates serious research of technicians and doctors. 

Because the technicians can say how many electrons are moving there. 

One can measure the effect on the body, if one telephones 5 or 10 minutes.  

1.  Like many electrons penetrate into the body? 

2.  Is the mind of the people, who use mobiles 5 until 10 minutes daily, damaged?  

3.  Did their sleep and their mental stability change or not? 

I am not against this technology, but I am not against the way, as this technology is used, later that leads to heavy disturbances. 

What will happen, if 40 to 60 percent of the populations are disturbed mentally?  

The people will lose their mental balance and their equilibrium.  

They will take drugs and they cannot sleep.  

Who will be able to control this? 

But nobody thinks about it.