Kanpur, 18.3.2012  

Originalstimme (43:54 - 50:00) Datei 1 

Maheshji tells the following story:

There was a king in ancient period and there was a slave. So, the king has given some fruit: “You please take and eat”. So, that slave has taken that fruit and he has eaten and no such wrinkles, gestures were upon his face that the fruit is not good.

The king has also (taken), then he can not touch even, that was so bitter and unable to eat. Then the king asked: “Once this fruit was so bad, why you have eaten? And you have not shown that this is bad.”

Now listen, the slave told: “Sir, once you have given immense to me, once this bitter fruit you have given how can I plea, how can I deny, how can I throw”.

So, I am telling most important, which you must strongly bear in mind, as you bring some nail in your wall, same way you bear it in your centre of brain.

Because in this life span so many such moments come where there are unbearable, unbearable. At that time you have to say:

“Lord, once You have given immense, so I will accept this. Yes.”

If you will develop this attitude with Divinity, then the way of getting divine love, favour, blessings will not stop. Because once you have taken His good blessings, so you have to face this also.

You think as the doctor gives some bitter taste medicine for your recovery of that disease, exactly one should accept as a medicine that Divinity wants something, so you accept. It does not mean for that you should not weep, you do all, but inside that corner of your heart, you will not blame to Him.