Kanpur, 18.03.2012, 2.30 pm  

original voice

Maheshji says:

The purpose of all religions is to follow the religion because without following the religion you can not get through from this life-death cycle and you can not get absolute bliss which is your own real nature; means which your soul requires.

That eternal peace and bliss – for that you require some path by which you are able to achieve your goal of life.

This is absolutely wrong that everybody should follow the same way, once each and every religion accepts God is one.

The persons who are leading that crowd, that sufferers, they mislead, misuse their sentiments for their religion. If they clearly deliver proper verdicts about the prime mission of life, these religious fights would have not been happened.

Only Lord Krishna has given Svadharma, in which religion you are born is your religion that is good for you. Follow that path, that religion and you will achieve the purpose of life.

As far as my personal view about these great words of God is concerned, when Lord is telling Svadharma, I think “Sva” belongs to soul. Each and every living being has the same soul. And “dharma” means nature. As the nature of fire is to give heat, the nature of water to give coolness, the nature of soul is peace and bliss.

And all souls are one and to whom you fight when you accept that all souls are the part of Divinity, God? It means the DNA of God and the DNA of Jivaatman is the same. This means there is no enemy to whom you fight, to whom you hate, to whom you kill.

By following the path of religion you will be able to know yourself, Himself, and to achieve the final goal of life.