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Yog is not religion


Yog is not religion, Yog is a science. With Yog you can reach the aim of human life. 

Every human being of any religion can follow this way because this is a quite practical way. 

Therefore the sound "SO-HAM" is given for meditation and not any name of God, nothing like that. 

Just imagine your breathing constantly creates this sound. The breath of each human being in Australia, Europe and America and in the Antarctica creates the sound: HANS, HANS (=SO-HAM).  

For meditation the religion or a concept of God is not necessary nothing like that is needed.  

The only concept is to clean your view so that you are able to understand.  

You must clean your view so that you can develop your 6. sense that is pure knowledge that is intuition.  

This means the intellect with witch you talk that all is the Maya. The body and the sense organs all this is illusion. This means the power of illusion is made by God himself.

Illusion cannot show you the real truth for that you have to practice and to overcome your intellect.  

Go into silence which you will find in meditation. Meditation takes you there and in the silence you come in contact with your intuition and with pure knowledge. So the spark of pure knowledge will start to glow. This spark gives you the real vision, the real sense and real consciousness.  

Your consciousness will be cleaned. It becomes clean and so you are able to go behind this illusory world without following any religion.  

If somebody follows a religion, the Jainismus (a religion in India), the Islam, the Sanatan religion (this was before the Hindu philosophy), he can also follow the way of Yog so that his entire system becomes purified and cleaned.  

But Yog is not religion. Nobody can say that Yog is a religion, nothing like that.  

All world religions can also follow the way of Yog but Yog is not a religion. Everyone can join the path of Yog no matter which religion he believes in. Everyone can do Yog.  

This is a method of purifying his own self:  body, mind and his consciousness and intellect. If you follows these eight steps of Yog which Maharishi Patanjali has codified all three personalities will be developed. 

Patanjali was an ayurvedic doctor. He was no Saint and no religious person and he did not belong to any world religion. 

Here for the first time someone gave importance to the body. Even Swami Vivekananda did not give importance to the body and no Saint from India. 

In Yog there is nothing you will find in religions. There is no concept of God in Yog.  

You have to go the way of Yog by turning off your own consciousness and you follow the pure consciousness, you go inside, inside, inside. 

1.         You must cross time.  

2.         You must cross the sound. 

I would not like to lead you so deep in these contexts otherwise this will only confuse you.  

If sound is there the creation starts. The cycle of development and destruction will start. We have to cross all this.  Our task is to go behind time, cause and sound. We have to cross all three of them. 

As long as I am still in the area of sound I am under the laws of the creation. I also have to accept the consequences from it. 

I have to strengthen the silence in me: Silence, silence, silence, silence. 

A text of the Bible says: 

"Be still and know thyself."   

What is this? That is the way to silence.  

Know yourself, know your real self. That is the code in Yog. 

The silence we acquire in Yog is absolutely competent to lead you to the truth.  

And after death you have to decide whether you want to gain total silence or bliss. If you want total silence your goal is the state of Mokash (Moksh).  

If you want bliss, the goal is of the 5. Pursharth, the divine bliss (we have a detailed text about it). 

You have to decide between the two, you have to choose. That is very simple. I have given the total concept here. The only thing is nobody can think so far ahead. People are confused because they are used to see forms they have not seen the formless.But the whole field is working at least with this formless power which they have not seen that are the electrons.  

People have to understand this power that controls us. They have to understand that there is a much finer power than these electrons, but exactly this they don't understand. 

They are used to accept what they see.

1.         They have to change their way to see.  

2.         They have to accept the thought that they have to go into the silence.  

3.         They constantly have to feel the silence inside within their own


We can accept nobody who says Yog is religion.  

Everyone can follow this way. He can also follow his own religion at the same time. The religion doesn't create any obstacle for him. 

Therefore in Yog the way with the practice SO-HAM is given, it is different from the way of dedication which the world religions have given. 

Those who want the 5. Pursharth, divine bliss, they should go the way of Yog. 

Those who want nothing they need do nothing. 

These are God's words this are not my words. God said this. 

If you want to do this then follow the way of Yog.  

In the world religions there are rituals in Yog there are no rituals. But if you look at the fundamental principle of the religion then there are only few basic principles. There are approximately 10-12 basic principles which no religion can deny. The 10 commandments are among it for example. These are generally valid. 

But each religion has other rituals. They depend on the season; they include the clothing and so on. Each religion has other rituals; by this one can recognize them.  

But if you go into the depth all religions are the same. 

If somebody wants to join Yog no matter which religion he belongs to, Christianity, Islam or the Sanatan religion, this is no obstacle.  

Here should be no confusion because this is a basic point. If a mistake is made here the whole mission will be damaged.

If there are questions, I will answer.  info@global-yoga.org