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Maheshji says:

Spirituality will remain in this country. India is the only country which has never attacked any other country that is a great thing.

They have accepted everybody.

They gave knowledge to everybody.

They didn't spread out any hatred, any fight.  

They have the idea:

"The world is one family".

This motto is from India. 

Mahesh says: We are the only country that did not impose our religion upon anybody.

Every other religion tries to win people for themselves the Moslems, the Christians and so many religions do this but not this country.

The Indian Saints gave knowledge to the world not religion.


Yesterday a student asked Maheshji in the lecture in the I I T (that is the technical university in Kanpur where Mahesh teaches):  

What is the difference between ego and religion?

So I answered: 

Religion is a quite important thing for the human beings which separate human beings from animals. Religion is for the human beings only for all human beings. Religion is needed.

Religion is not Muslim, Christian and Sanatan nothing like this.

There are ten important points of real religion which make you a human being:

Forgiveness, kindness, no hatred, no anger, no enmity, this way there are given ten ways, which no religion can deny. By following the rules one can become a human being. 

If you don't follow the rules of religions you are like an animal but the Yog science turns you to a human being. 

This is a path, this is a technique: Jnana Yog, Bhakti Yog these are not religions. Though they consider them as such but they are no religion. They are a path. This is the truth.

Religion is a culture. By adopting that you can become a human being. So religion is important. 

Lord Krishna has emphasized in the Bhagavad Gita that one should adopt the religion in which one is born. 

One should not try to impose the religion upon anybody. The Christians turn people into Christians; the Moslems turn people into Moslems. That is wrong.  

But if you go into the depth of the Lord's words, he uttered:  

The religion of the soul is the highest religion that means adopting religion of the soul is highest. If you follow these words you will understand that each and every person has the same soul. (In Sanskrit the name of the soul is Atman.)

If we understand this there will be no hatred, no caste, no colour and no belief. There will be oneness (unity).

I talked 2 ┬Ż hours about it. This was an advanced student group who do their PHD.

One of my students in this class is Moslem and I explained the following for the first time. There was some discussion upon Dji Had that is the sacred war of the Moslems.  

In that context I have given one thought and nobody in the whole world knows this fact.


As Mohammed was asked by his disciples: 

"Who is the most sacred after God?" 

He answered three times the same way. 

He said on their first question: "MA". 

Then he said after the second question: "MA". 

Then they asked for the third time and he said again: "MA". 

And he stopped speaking.


I told my students no Moslem knows why Mohammed said three times "MA".  

Then I explained them: Mohammed uttered exactly the power of OM.  

OM has got three Shakti (powers): 

1.  The power that creates everything. 

2.The power that feeds, controls and protects everything. 

3.The third is the power of destruction. 

This sound OM has these three divine powers. 

OM is the creator, the protector and OM has also got the power of destruction. 

1. MA (Mother Svarasvati) lets the creation grow.

2. MA (Mother Lakshmi) controls and protects the creation.  

3. MA (Mother Durga or Mother Kali) has also the power of destruction.


The Richies (the Saints) know the Sanatan Philosophy of India.

The creation has all three important features: Creation, protection and destruction.

This way, the power of OM is explained that is exactly the power of MA. 

I said before that nobody knows this. This knowledge is totally new.