The counch (the shell)


The counch gives so much energy.

Maheshji says I will show you an experiment here. When I blow the counch one vessel in my worship room moves immediately two or three feet away. This is a complete sound with an enormous effect.

The total Gayatri mantra has this effect. This is the explanation for the effect of that prayer.

OM is this.

OM is this.

OM is this.

I ask: When I blow the counch, will everyone recognise the sound OM?

Maheshji says, yes.


What is OM?

It is explained in the greatest Mantra which is called Gayatri. This is the power of the old Saints. Nobody knows that this mantra has been taken from the Rig Veda. It has been extracted from there. The Gayatri is from the Rig Veda.

What is OM?

The Gayatri mantra and the sound OM explain this. Everybody listens to this sound.

That means OM is the first then comes everything even the Vedas, all Mantra, all creation, gross, subtle, subtlest, everything except Atman and Brahman.

Never confuse:

The ultimate cause of creation is OM.


OM is not creator. But you may say as a scientist, philosopher scientist that OM is creator. But if you will think as a Yogi then you also have to cross this sound.

Nada ou Brahmâ. Nada, sound is Brahma, OM.

That means if you go beyond the ultimate truth then you have to cross the sound OM. When OM is there also its attributes are there. And your soul, spirit, Atman, Parmatma is beyond all attributes.

So OM and the clean pure sound is produced by the counch. This is a research.

This sound cleans the total atmosphere as well as music effects the human brain and even the trees and earth. Don't think that music has an effect only on those who are listening, the total creation is listening. This is the crude idea of crude scientists that only they can listen, not the stones, not the trees, this is not the case.


There are so many trees. In trees you see birds and animals; they eat mosquitoes and this type of creatures. This shows there is life like ours.


I said each and every atom has the power to communicate and they communicate. But we can't receive their thoughts due to lack of compassion and due to lack of awareness of the omnipresent power of God. We don't think about it.


Anyway so I just have explained the power of the counch.

The sound of the counch also keeps evil spirits away from that area.

The vibrations of the counch are helpful during depression. This is also most important.

Therefore I say you should write down all these things which happen when blowing the counch.

1.         How the person starts sweating by the sound of the counch.

2.         How suddenly the disturbed sensibility in the legs has improved.

All this is a clearing example for the effect of the counch and the power of the sound.