The Shushumna - nerve runs in the vertebra and ends on the Shushumna - point. The Shushumna - point is the point between both nostrils. It is a small intended whole at this place.


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When Shushumna is active there is no turmoil, no up and down of the mind any more. It is the beauty of Shushumna it makes the mind peaceful.  

If somebody tries to meditate immediately this is not possible. If you begin to meditate you will enter all your thought, bad thoughts and uneven thoughts. What will happen then?    

Your mind becomes peaceful and that Shushumna nerve is activated and then you have to enter your body, your mind and your heart. Before that you have to become mentally peaceful. 

And when this Shushumna nerve is active the total turmoil of thoughts will turn to normal.  

In India this is called Nambha that means: All thoughts become normal, no up and down. 

If you go very deep the time is determined by the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air, space). Sometimes the earth element is prominent, sometimes fire, sometimes space, sometimes sky. This way the mind goes up and down.


I am going even deeper.

The seat of Shushumna has got tremendous power to equalize. 

But nobody has ever explained it this way.   

In Buddhism they have given breath awareness but fact is this: 

If you concentrate on the point between the nostrils the Shushumna - nerve becomes active. And if that nerve becomes active your mind becomes peaceful.   

You cannot fight with your thoughts. But you have got a fine switch, if you concentrate on that all your thoughts will be paralysed.   

Therefore the Indian Saints call this nerve Jukebana. 

That means:   

The nerve which gives pleasure to the mind, if you find pleasure you will find peace.  

If you want to control your thoughts that is not possible.  

There is a system in your body, you have got a button and if the noise is very loud you can stop the sound. 

This up and down of thoughts that disturb you will turn to normal. There is a receiver inside you, so if you switch it on the total sound will stop. Thoughts are there but they will not disturb you. This involves not only your thoughts but also the movement of your elements become normal.  

If the fire element is there you will be angry, you will be aggressive. If the fire element is there, you will be spiritual that depends on your emotions.

If the earth element is prominent you are worldly orientated.

If the water element is there you will be cool.

The elements have an effect on your total system and on all your thoughts. In Yoga all that is described. This is the shortest and best technique. 


I have already given the meaning of Shushumna. This lesson is for beginners.   

Whoever practices this can go straight away nothing more is needed. But when you notice that your mind is not cool, not peaceful, not normal, then you should first concentrate on Shushumna.

Today I gave you a very secret lecture, very deep.  

Nobody knows the role of the elements in body and mind. Without the elements meditation is not possible.

His Holiness Swami Rama use to say: 

Whatever you do, Bhakti Yog, Karma Yog or any other spiritual school, ultimately the central point of that school will be meditation and ultimately a one pointed mind is required.

That is so in Jnana Yog, in Karma Yog, in Bhakti Yog and in any other spiritual technology. 

You have to achieve that oneness (unity). You have to achieve a one pointed mind. Yog is a technique a very simple technique.  


Bhakti Yog requires deep emotions and compassion. Without that you cannot go the way. Innocence and balance in the mind is necessary.  


Jnana Yog requires knowledge without ego. That is very difficult. Therefore the Indian Saints say: The way of the Jnana Yoga is like moving upon the blade of a sword. The slightest mistake will give you a deep injury. If you do this successfully you will reach the highest goal, you will reach God. If ego is there you can't.    


In Karma Yog it is difficult to develop the feeling that I don't act.   


But in Yog nothing is difficult. You are not confronted with any difficulty. Maharishi Patanjali has made this way very easy. Slowly it goes ahead and there is no problem with any religion. Anybody can follow this way.   

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