The galaxies enjoy their lives 


original voice

Maheshji talks about the root from India which we will use in order to take labour pain from women during delivery.  

Maheshji says: The uterus follows the command and the power of the root.

No power can work without command that is a principle of nature.  

The root has this power. This is a principle of nature when it works it only does this work it follows the command the energy acts accordingly. There is energy in the plant or root and it acts as medicine. This process is controlled. This control is absolute otherwise total anarchy will happen. Nature follows its laws, it does nothing and therefore we see such a discipline in nature.

That is the play of command and power. How power acts according to command.  Just imagine the power of nature.  

Millions of galaxies are moving with this power. A galaxy is like a balloon it is pure nature. And nobody thinks about it just imagine.  

I see that I feel nature. This is the finest proof of the power of nature.  

The galaxies move with the same precision as the atoms. They are praying, floating and enjoying, the galaxies talk to each other like human beings. They are moving and enjoying their own lives. They are creatures like us but they all are under control. The entire nature, the whole creation is under command.

In short this is called Nada (Nada is sound) or Brahman (God). The form of God is Brahman. 

Command is divinity.

Maheshji laughs and says: Here, you have the connection between the roots to the galaxy. If I go into depth than I see the galaxies running and enjoying. They enjoy, they enjoy. I can feel how they enjoy.  

There is a fine sound which we cannot hear that is music. They are laughing. Yes, this is true they are dancing.

Mahesh says. If we go into the depth we can feel their dance their enjoyment of creation. (The astronomer Johannes Kepler wrote 1595 about the sphere music of the planets in his work "Mysterium cosmographicum".) 

The galaxies are not deserted. Nature is spreading, enjoying and sprouting over from a variety full of joy and bliss second per second because they are full of joy.  

They are close to truth because they are working under direct command. They have no ego and no intellect. Yes this is the truth behind it.  

If I use this ego positive I will turn to universal life.

But we always use it for our wasted interests. We are blended with ignorance, so this ego and intellect takes us towards darkness and destruction.  

People must know this. They should see the darkness which they call joy.

People should try to see this happiness. They should invite luck.

We should feel luck and we should see it.

We should be attached to this divine arrangement, because we are the highest creature in the entire creation. We must feel this.


Last week one of my students was so depressed so that he was going to commit suicide. So I asked him, can you imagine who you are?

You are the finest creation of divinity.

Each and every human being whether he is poor or rich he must know that he is the finest among this huge creation of divinity. We should not think otherwise. 

If you think this way you will feel energy, courage and confidence.

People don’t think this way but it is the truth.  

Only the human being can act as he likes. 

The total creation even living and non living everything is living, but they have no choice they all have to work under command.

Only we can act according to our choice like divinity. People should think this way.

Mahesh says I was in the mood so I gave you this thought.

This thought mobilizes high energy.

I think put this in website for those who are depressed, who do not think about the blessing of human live. They must think about it, they must realize the value of human life. This is a Divine Blessing to them.