The philosophy of all things.

(original voice)


Maheshji says: You see, I am giving one most important secret.

As per Indian philosophy because total life whatever as per mind you say this is dead, this is material, earth, this is element, whatever you say.

All this is manifestation of God, this total life becomes manifested, everything.  Nobody can say this is not. All is one whether material, whether life.

The most important thing is, they all are interlinked so consciously or unconsciously each and every thing gives response.

I am telling: Our grandmaster Bengali Baba he used to talk with utensils and people thought he is mad. He talked with utensils because he has the power to listen their responses.  Responses of material, the response of all atoms, they used to talk to Baba and Baba talked to them.

So the same thing happened when we were working with one computer in India and one in Germany. Someone said the Indian computer is not fit for this talk, and then I told this is wrong: This is proper that is wrong, the mistake war in the connection of the computer in Germany. I cannot say how it happens.

We have to extend our life our consciousness and that consciousness is collected there because there is no space for Prana. Prana is running here and Prana is running in that computer.

I am giving a very high talk, the normal persons they can’t understand. But it is the truth, you have seen the result.

This is the total extention of Prana. It is the same as when 3 or 4 friends sit together and they talk for solution. The same way, it is very simple.

Who will understand, but this is true. That’s why I have given the example of my grand master.

This way when they thought that he is mad than he used to behave in this manner. So this is wrong.

You have to feel the impulses of that.

"So there is life, Maheshji?"

Maheshji says, yes, nothing is dead.

You see:

  1. In every atom are vibrations.
  2. In every atom is space. Nothing is solid.
  3. Space is sound.
  4. Sound is command.
  5. Command is voice. Voice means someone is telling and somebody is obeying.

This is the principle of life. You call it order; you call it talk, what is that? In between is sound.


For all normal things are made out of sound, for abnormal sound is also there, but silent.

Baba called me from Nepal, there is no sound. I have heard, I went, and Baba told, just see, who is coming? Just see.

This is the talk of Prana.

So I am telling the total things, means: the camera, computer, the teacher, and in which we are loading this, just see, we are all in Mothers Team. We are all tougher one. That’s why in India when we start anything we worship that place, that house. This is our philosophy regarding nature and all living and non living.

Because this way body in each and every atom is God. So when God is there, just see the power of an atom. That atom is much more clean, clever, no enmity, no hate, they are innocent, pious, manifestation of divinity. Their understanding is much more powerful.

But we are crude, we cannot understand. We cannot feel this, though I feel by Master’s grace. Sometime I express this in my talks.

So before stating any such thing we should feel oneness. We are all united whether material, whether living, we are one. This matter and live are working together for Mother’s order (Mother means Divine Mother) for the betterment of humanity. So with this concept we should work.


Today I have given a very sensitive, emotional secret of Divine Manifestation.

You can give in website, my voice and my words.

People must understand the depth of Indian philosophy.

They only say God is omnipresent. In India we understand and behave accordingly. Yes this is clear to a normal person but in India each and every person can get, when they touch the earth, they feel this is my mother. They put their feet in the river, they worship trees. You see how this is donation.

But in total European countries this knowledge is lost. But this is wrong.

The total world has to change this concept.

Beta lovers you, you neglect.

Today I am in mood and I have all given this divine secret. I have never given this before.

For the first time I am giving this high philosophy of manifestation.