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Space is strength.

Stretching creates space.  

Mahesh talks about the importance of space in the human body.


I already talked about the importance of space. 

That is so simple and nobody knows this. Nobody knows that why God gave fixed distances to the planets and atoms. I want to tell even more about space.

You see, by doing the Yog - postures the joints will get more space. There are so many Yog - asanas. If you hold the stretches of Yog correct there will be more space in the body.


When you are jogging or when you do these fast exercises like aerobics you also train your body. But these fast practices create so many acidities, garbage and cinders in the joints. This does not happen with Hatha Yog.

This is extra information. 

Only the Yog postures widen the body areas. The more stretching there is the more space is increasing. 

The more years go by the more the body will shrink. With increasing age also the joints become stiffer. The reason for this is space. The space in the joints decreases. But this cannot happen to a person who does Yog postures.


Look at a dog it stretches regularly it makes (imitates) the dog. So the waists in its joints are avoided and cleaned. The blood circulation increases. The space between each tissue and molecule enlarges.  

Stretching creates space.

That is the importance of space in the body and this space you will get only by stretching and that you will get by practicing Yog postures.


See the joints of the athletes get stiffer the older they get. The athletes do some stretches because they know about the importance of the stretches.  

When athletes get older their joints are worn out and they become stiff. They will have pain in their joints.

When you do Yog from youth on this cannot happen. The space between the joints will not shrink because it is constantly built up again by Yog. 

Even if an old person starts Yog his mobility will slowly improve through the stretches of Yog and he will feel relief.

Here the difference of various sports from weight-lifting, running, aerobics and from fast dance steps to the Yog postures becomes clear.

Everyone can do these sports undoubtedly but furthermore he should do some extra Yog postures. Only like this all parts of the body are stretched in the right way. That is important. The faster the movements the bigger the side-effects; this makes the space of the body shrink.  

When you run activity is there and carbon will be created. This carbon cannot be reduced by the human body so fast. The body cannot remove these settlements so quickly.

By acupressure and all these things therapists try to remove cinders and settlements from these body places. One presses the acupressure points because they lead to pains through the settlement of cinders. But there is no lasting success. 


I just explained a student when with increasing age the joint cartilage become less that also the space of the joints becomes less.

This stretching of all body areas is taught in Yog.Almost all Yog postures are in any form stretch exercises.

In the Yoga postures Swami Rama paid special attention on stretch postures.

This is a fact that has not been explained until now. It is not integrated into the health care programs of the whole world, nobody knows this. Even in the Yog books nobody explained this. 

This is a completely new point of view.  

Correct movement and stretch exercises have been unknown knowledge until now. Stretching is much more important than the movement of a joint because stretches create space.  

Space has an effect on the body. A person who practices this correctly will be fit through energy up to every age.  


Energy is a heat the centre of which is the sun network in the navel region of the body. When people get older their heat decreases slowly. The sun is cold in wintertime because the heat is reduced that is known. It is the same with the body.

But by cleaning (stomach cleaning) and correct nutrition you can change this. 


See the hydrotherapy either warm or cold or warm and cold by that you can improve the blood circulation and the heat of the body. So you can get quite different answers from the body.  

The more Yog someone practices the more space and the more energy his body will get.  

If somebody does only a little bit the area decreases and shrinks. The energy is reduced.  

The explanation is: Contraction means less space and less energy is available.  

You have to maintain this condition where the whole organism is built up again for the limbs, for the joints and for the whole body. You can do this only with the stretches of Yog that is entirely new and perfect.  

This is a divine principle.  

God communicated this.  

This knowledge is the basis that the Saints in the higher steps are able to shift their bodies.

This is the importance of the human being in comparison to all other species, in comparison to all other systems. 

1. They can improve their energy.  

2. They can improve their endurance. 

3. They can improve the blood circulation. 

All these things lead to a rejuvenation of the body but they don't lead to an extension of lifetime. 


The stretches are important. If someone is crooked and does this the right way his body becomes straight. He turns to normal. This way also the space of the vertebra is increasing.  

All these problems start when the appetite is reduced. 


You can give this instruction to teachers who are able to understand this. If there is any question I will answer. 


That is the importance of space in the healthcare of the body.   

Space is a treasure a source of energy.  

If you keep the space the energy will also remain.  

Space is continually full of energy. 

Space guarantees the presence of energy and the whole creation is full of energy.  

This way you can inform the teachers. 

If they have any question I will explain this. 

Okay, I gave you a new instruction today. You can collect this. That is a new instruction over the divine principle over the treasure of energy.  

Whoever acts accordingly will have no loss of energy.  


Space is always full of energy, the fine-material space and the higher space. The higher space means what God has given. 

Mahesh says as a joke: This doesn't mean that you will get more energy when you touch your knee.

See someone learns the Yog postures in the seminar so he gets much more energy and this so fast. All this has to do with space. This is completely new knowledge.  

There is enough space for all people for all living and for all not-living. You can also say there is nothing that doesn't live but the physicists and the modern science explain this so. You can divide this into two parts.  

Everywhere you can maintain space.  

As well as sound is command also space is command. Without command the energy can act it depends totally on command. I have explained this.  

Okay Theo do you have another question concerning this?  

I have little time and I would like communicate still so many things.  


See I still inform you about new knowledge. 

At the moment I was born it was so: When a child was born both hands formed a fist. You had to open the child's fingers. When a child is born today its fingers are open.  

Can you tell why this is so? Remember your childhood. You can remember that your fist was closed at your birth. Why? Tell me this.

This is created through strain and through stress. (When I was born, war started. When Maheshji was born, India was suppressed by the British so much.) 

See when a human being is relaxed his fist is automatically a bit open. If there is no strain the fingers are more stretched. Look at this correctly. I observed this in my Yog career. Nobody thinks about it. Ninety-nine percent of the people are under pressure and stress. You have to overcome this.  

Responsible people should sit together and they have to think about it. This stress is not normal. No doctor and no scientist are ready to think about it. Why?


Ravi (his son) says: My one month old son is snatching my face. 

Maheshji answers: He is not snatching your face. He is not snatching anyone’s face; he plays with your face. He touches your cheeks, he plays with them. The child plays with your face. All children do this. Nobody knows this. Your child doesn't snatch your face. You are wrong.

We think the child doesn’t understand us.

The child understands everything. The child can understand your mind. Easy it understands the intellect.

On the other hand only Yogis are able to understand this. They have the following important qualities: They have no fear, they hate nobody and they wish nobody anything bad. They have compassion and friendliness, these qualities are important. So the mind becomes clean, clear and competent.  

By practicing the Yogis have reached a state in which they can see everything. They can go anywhere and they can understand everything.

The effect of Yog on the human mind is abnormal. He calls the information he wants with the help of pure divine energy.

All instruments that are human made originate from energy. That energy is not so pure and it can be irritated.  

If divine energy which is used by the body is used properlyit will lead you to the absolute realization on the physical, mental and spiritual level.

Only this human body has the capacity to do this.

If somebody is under pressure his nerves are weakened; the space in the body decreases, the energy level sinks and the answer of the body will be reduced.

Every human being needs mental peace. Mental peace and meditation will protect him.

This way you can explain these connections to the scientists. Nobody can deny this that is impossible. No doctor who tries to obtain people’s health can deny these connections. This should be taught at the medical faculties of the university. This will satisfy them.


If somebody asks about a new lesson and you cannot answer inform me then I will answer. No question should be answered incorrectly. We can make a telephone conference anytime because this is a new science. To this depth you cannot think.

See in how many ways I have explained the importance of space. This is completely new. And each matter I connect with a new subject and with a scientific background.

This is not written in any books, in no book. This instruction about energy and structure is completely new.

This is again a nice chapter.