Wolgast 12.09.2004

There was an attack of terrorists on a school in Beslan, south Russia, 394 people died.

A lady asks:

Why did this happen? Was here prayer not effective?

Maheshji say: You see if I would tell what cause is behind all this terrorism than that will be a prediction. But this is all…, I can’t tell Theo. If I will tell that will be the prediction.

I can tell only, behind all these events there is a benefit. I can’t speak any more, my Master is not allowing me and so I can’t tell.


Behind all terrorism which is developing in whole world is a deep event.

So it is better we all should pray to divinity for global peace without thinking on each and every terrorist event which is happening in different parts of the world.

We should only concentrate on global peace prayer not think of such events.

Prayer creates a canopy like anybody in the rain has an umbrella. By that umbrella you are protected. So this will be the mass umbrella, millions will be protected by that.

Peace will never die, never fail. Nothing is beyond the consciousness of divinity.

Destruction and creation go together.

So we should concentrate with all human beings upon peace and construction.

Destruction is a most important event for new creation.